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Elemetary A1 level


The focus of this lesson is on teaching the students new vocabularies and phrases. Help them not only learn the meaning of the words but also how they are used, how they combine with one another, through the context of daily routine and guided discovery activities . In addition the lesson will provide extra practise on grammar , present simple forms and preposition of time (in / at / on).


Abc My weekly routine
Abc face 2 face Elementary SB
Abc My weekly routine sheet 1
Abc face 2 face Elementary SB p 25
Abc face 2 face Elementay SB P 106
Abc Choose the correct words

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of time phrases with in , on , at and every through the context of daily routine.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of present simple negative and positive, preposition of time in, on ,at. in the context of interrogative questions about weekly and daily routines.


Vocabulary stage 1 . Controlled activity ( reading) . Solo. (6 minutes) • To expose Ss to the useage of time phrases in context.

(Solo) 1. Give each student a copy of HO ( My weekly routine) . 2. Ask thm to read it for 2 mins. CCQ: ask the questions below and drill the answers : 1-What time do I wake up? ( listen for the correct time phrase, elicit the complete answers) 2- What time do I start work? 3- When do I go to library? 4-When am I off? 5- What do I do at the weekends? 6.When do I drink coffee?

Vocabulary Stage 2 , controlled activity ( complete the table ) (6 minutes) • To provide extar parctice on time phrases and lexical patterns of some common verbs in present simple form.

Demo: 1-Hold sheet no:2 from HOs. 2- Ask the Ss to write the activities in left column and the time phrases in the right column. 3. Pair the Ss. and then give them copies SHEET 2. 4.Time limit 3 min. 5.Monitor the Ss by checking their answer sheet. 6.Stop them at the right time and drill few answers. FB: Hand out the answer sheet and allow them to compare their answers.

Vocabulary stage 3. Controlled activity , productive skills ( Group work) (6-8 minutes) • Further practice on Time phrases , leading to productive skills . Students to make true sentencs about thier routine.

Instructions: 1- Arrange the class in groups of 4. 2. Hold a copy of ex 9a SB P25. 3. Ask them to writ the words and the time phrases in the correct circle. 4. Demo an example. 5. Time the activity ( 2 min) 6. Hand out the copies. 7. Monitor the class, Identify the early finishers. 8. stop the activity on time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next: 1- Ask each student to write 2- 4 true sentences about their weekly activities ( using the vocabulary that they have learned so far) ,and tell their partners about it. ( 4 min)

Grammar and vocabulary satge 1 ( produtive skills - writing and speaking ) (8 minutes) • To encourage the Ss use the TL guided discovry ( choose the correct words) leading to comunicative pracice.

Before the activity ; 1-write on this example on the WB. Watch TV in/ on / mornings. 2-Elicit the correct chose. 3. Rewrite the sentence. 4. Elicit and drill the question form until the get it wright. 5. FB ( write the question on the w/b). 6. Give each Ss a copy of one the three exercises in pages 106 , 114 and 120. 7. show them the example and ask them to follow the demo. 8. Time limit 5 min 9.During the activity monitor the students, Move the early finisher to other spots. 10. FB : write few correct answers on the WB.

Grammar and vocabulary stage 2 ( produtive skills - writing and speaking ) (10 minutes) • To encourage the Ss use the TL guided discovry ( choose the correct words) leading to interactive communication in the class.

After they have finished Grammar and vocabulary stage 1. Ask the students to go back to their seats . Demo the following: 1. Walk around and ask few students some of the questions. 2. Show the students that you write the name of the student who say yes to my question. 2. When I have two yes answers I will write the model answer for example: Hulya and Hakan both go to library every Monday. 3. And I will tell the calss.

Speaking ( get to know your calssmate) (7 minutes) • Students to practice the target languge in order to strengthen thier fluency.

Free time : Last 5 minutes of the lesson ask the students to walk around and find out as much as they can about their friends. Finally few students to tell the class about what they have discovered.

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