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TP 6b
B1 level


Abc Jumbled sentences
Abc HO - Expressions with go
Abc HO - Gap-fill
Abc Turkish holiday

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the language - expressions with "GO"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice in the context of holiday activities.


Warmer - jumbled sentences (3-5 minutes) • Students will form sentences from the articles from the previous lesson.

I will get students in groups of three/four. I will give each group papers with a jumbled sentence with "go" expressions in them. I will give the students a couple of minutes to figure them out and come up and stick the sentence on the wall. Have students read each sentence.

Introduction to language (7-10 minutes) • Introduce the expressions with "go"

Students will scan the two articles from the previous lesson looking for all the phrases with go or went. While they are reading I will write the following on the WB: Go __________ + place Go __________ + person Go __________ + activity (verb + ing) Go___________ + activity (noun) Go___________ + travel words (a tour, holiday, ect.) Have students tell me if they have noticed any similarities with the sentences. CQ's What do you notice about the verb "go"? It is followed by a preposition. Is it followed by another word? Preposition Do you notice which words use which prepositions? Fill in examples on WB. Students in pairs will put the words/phrases on their hand out into one of the 5 different categories. FB - review the answers with the class.

Semi-controlled speaking (8-10 minutes) • Speaking for accuracy practice

Have students work on gap fill in pairs. Peer check the answers. Working in pairs again, take turns to ask and answer the questions. Monitor closely try and listen to each group ask/answer at least one question and jot down any problem areas.

Freer speaking exercise (15-20 minutes) • Speaking for fluency practice

The students will be given one of four different vacation destinations in Turkey. They will be going on a trip and have to choose one of the four destinations. The students will be broken into 4 groups each group will be given a destination. In their groups they will decide what the 5 best things about their destination are. The students will be reorganized into another group made up of one student from each of the original 4 groups. They will now take turns telling their group the best things about their destination. Finally each group will chose a destination and give their reasons for choosing it.

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