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Unit 5/ In the house/ Furniture
9th Grade level


In this lesson, students will be introduced to different parts of the house along with the furniture they usually come across.


Abc hand outs

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of parts of the house and furniture

Subsidiary Aims

  • expose student to ordinal numbers
  • To provide review of Some/Any/A/AN


Encounter (3-5 minutes) • Students are made aware that they don't know the target language

- The teacher will show students a picture of a house and ask them what is it. - The teacher asks students what do we usually find in houses, and at this moment students will be aware that they don't know what the parts of the house are called

Clarify (10-13 minutes) • Clarify the target language

- The teacher relies on pictures so that students will be able to distinguish between the different parts of the house. First, the teacher will show a picture of a kitchen which some of the students may know as it was mentioned in the food and drinks unit, and so the teacher goes showing pictures and drilling with the class after each vocabulary item is introduced. - The stress the difference between how each part of the house is different in each culture, for example, the Morrocan living room is not the same as the one in English culture. - After writing the name of every single room on the board, the teacher asks the students what can we find in each of these rooms. - The teacher will start eliciting vocabulary from students in Arabic and he will expose them to some the vocabulary they encounter I later stages

Remember and Internalize (25-30 minutes) • Students will have to chance to move the knowledge from short term memory to the long term one

- The teacher will give a handout to the students and ask them to in pairs do the first exercise in which they will have to match each part of the house with pictures provided and also name the object and furniture pointed in the picture ( they will be introduced to most of the vocabulary on Clarify stage ) - Students check-in groups. - Whole class feedback and correction. - Students will be asked to do exercises 2 and 3 on the handouts in pairs, which will serve as a review for some and any and also a way to be re-exposed to the target language. - Group check and whole class feedback and correction. - The teacher will introduce students to some of the prepositions of place (IN FRONT OF, ON, UNDER, BETWEEN, NEXT TO, OVER). - Students will be asked to do exercise 4 in pairs. - Feedback and correction - Students will individually do exercise number 5. - Pair check and correction.

Fluently use (7-9 minutes) • Students will be given the chance to use the target language

- The teacher will give students some prompts so they can use what they have learned to describe their homes, for example, in our home we have 1 kitchen, two living rooms, one bathroom. - The teacher may help students by providing them with some useful adjectives like big/small/beautiful/cozy. - If the time isn't sufficient, students will be asked to do the exercise at home which will serve as a pre-writing activity for the next lesson.

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