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Teaching Practice 1
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, sts will learn to ask questions with the auxiliary verb "to be." They will do listening and speaking activities that focus on family hobbies. They will then describe their families and their traditions to their classmates.


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Main Aims

  • To teach and gıve practıce on how to ask questıons usıng the verb "to be"

Subsidiary Aims

  • Learn vocabulary about family and hobbies by speaking and listening.


Introduction/Warmer (1-2 minutes) • Introduce the grammar that will be presented and the topic of the lesson.

to introduce myself quickly and talk about what we will be doing today. Introduce the grammar section and why it is important to know.

Grammar lesson:questions with "to be" (8-10 minutes) • to present the grammatical structure required in questions with "to be"

distribute the hand-out to students. Write down questions with "to be" on the board and ask sts to answer each question. Explain to them that when asking a question with "yes/no" answers the question should include a conjugated form of the verb "to be." Introduce question words such as who/when/where and how many and explain how they can form questions as well.

Grammar exercise 1-2 (13-15 minutes) • to understand the framework of "to be" questions through the use of example sentences

Put the sts in pairs. Ask them to work on exercise 1 and ask each other the questions while finding the appropriate answers. Afterwards as feedback ask the sts one of the questions and see if they can find the answer. Continue until all the answers have been matched to each question. For exercise 2, tell the sts to change the answers in exercise 1 so that each answer fits their personal situation. Then ask sts one of the questions and have them answer with a grammatically correct response.

Grammar exercise 3 (10-12 minutes) • to learn the proper word order when forming questions

Write down the first sentence of ex. 3 on the board as it appears in the book. Ask them to quickly find the correct order and then ask one of them to write the correct order on the board. Split them up into small groups and have them find the correct order for each of the questions. Provide feedback by asking a member of each group to come up to the board and write down the correct order for each question.

Speaking exercises 1-3 (13-15 minutes) • to learn and understand vocabulary relevant to talking about family and hobbies

Tell students to quickly read through speaking exercise 1. Play the audio for speaking 1.1. Ask the sts to order the topics in the order in which they are heard. Play the audio again and ask them to answer the questions in each topic. As feedback, ask some of the sts for the answers to some of the questions. Separate sts into pairs and have them think about what the answers to exercise 1 would be for their family, have them tell each other about their answers to each question.

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