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Parts of body
Elementary, Grade 3, A1/A2 level


In this lesson, SS practise and memorize vocabularies related to their bodies, using verbs have got and to be. The lesson is focused on spoken, read and written form.


Abc Paper roll, large paper sheet
Abc Description of a body

Main Aims

  • To practise parts of body, verbs to have got, to be in the context of Description

Subsidiary Aims

  • Individual work, team work, auto-evaluation


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To find out what "Body vocabulary" do I know and understand?

T. describes or reads a simple description of a body and Ss individually draw a person according to the instructions. The text contents lexical sets body and colours and verb have got. Then Ss work in pairs and compare their pictures. If something is different, they can ask another pair. If necessary T reads one more to make differences clear.

Writing I - What parts of body do I know and can write? (10-12 minutes) • Written form of vocabulary

Ss work with Centipede worksheet individually and fill the empty parts with "body" words. They are aware of the importance to write the words properly in this part of the lesson. They need to fill in 3 parts of the body at least. Then SS compare their written words in pairs then in groups of 4, then in groups of 8 and try to find out how many words they know and write correctly. Then there are 2 groups of SS and they come to the board to write down "their" vocabulary (it can't be seen by the other group). Then SS compare how many vocabularies each group knows and writes correctly.

Writing II (10-15 minutes) • To practise written form of vocabulary

Ss divide themselves into groups of 3. They outline a silhouette of someone's body on a large paper sheet and write down "body" vocabulary. They can check out the spelling on the board from the previous exercise or in their class books.

Speaking (5-8 minutes) • Ability to descibe a person

Ss stay in a group of 3 and describe the person they drew. They use verbs have got and to be.

Review (4-8 minutes) • Comprehension: How many vocabularies can I write at the beginning at the end of the lesson ?

Ss work with a new Centipede worksheet and individually write down again the body vocabulary they can write properly. Then they compare the worksheet from the beginning of the lesson with this one and do their self-evaluation.

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