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Unlock4 Reading Unit 7 Reading 1
B1-B2 level


In this lesson Ss will be able to; Scan an essay about art to locate information about four artists.


Main Aims

  • Read and understand details about the writer’s definition of art.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Make inferences about artists’ views on the nature of art. Give opinions on the nature of art. Understand and evaluate analogies


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T asks Ss about their opinions on art: What is your favourite form of art? Who is your favourite artist? What is your favourite work of art?

Exposure (8-15 minutes) • To highlight useful words and phrases

Preparing to read, p.150 is done in pairs. Afterwards T elicits answers and corrects mistakes. A round of gimkit can be played if ss need further practice w the vocabulary

Reading 1 (8-10 minutes) • To scan the text for basic information

T reminds the class about the process of scanning and asks ss to scan the text to find the information needed for part 3 on p.151

Reading 2 (15-20 minutes) • To read the text in detail and provide information

The first paragraph is read and analysed as a class. Afterwards, Ss work in groups of 3. They share the remaining text, read& analyse and tell their friends in the group about it. Together they complete 4th activity on p.153

Follow-up (8-12 minutes) • To make inferences according to the text

T gives ss a minute to read and try to think of some answers. Afterwards, T elicits s few answers for each question so that the activity can be completed with contributions of the whole class.

Language Practice (10-20 minutes) • To provide students with practice of the task language

Ss work in pairs to discuss the questions on the discussion part. Afterwards, if time allows, T gives out blank sheets of paper and asks ss to create a poster for an art event of their choice. It should reflect their understanding of "ideal art". The best poster can be chosen by vote and hung on the class board.

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