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Copy of Quantifiers
B2 level


In this lesson Ss learn how to use quantifiers with countable and un countable nouns. The lesson starts with a short entertaining video clip about some of the quantifiers like too many, too much, and so on. It will involve Ss to the topic. Then we do a quick test on Ss previous knowledge on the topic, using fill in the gaps exercise. It will be done by Ss individually followed by a pair check, and finally the answers will be checked through the listening. At this point, Ss might need to be clarified on the subject thoroughly. First there will be an activity to review Countable/ Uncountable Nouns. Ss in pairs underline the nouns in the text and decide which one is C or Un. Then they should decide on quantifiers. Which ones go with C, which ones go with UC, and which ones are used with both. For the second part of the clarification section 4 pairs of sentences including different quantifiers with different meanings will be given to the Ss. They must go through them and explain about the differences in meaning. The next step will be a controlled practice, which is a text about Lazy Cooks. There are pairs of choices of quantifiers throughout the text. Ss should do this practice along with their explanations about their choices to make sure they understood the lesson. After that Ss can have a freer practice which involves them more with writing some true sentences about themselves, using the nouns and quantifiers given to them. At the end, there will be a pair work. Each pair works on a different topic for which they must prepare an advice sheet including nouns and appropriate quantifiers.


Abc Alternative choice hand out
Abc Scaled list of quantifiers
Abc Gap fill hand out- Food Facts

Main Aims

  • To make Ss learn how to use a grammar lesson on Quantifiers with countable and un countable nouns

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading which involves some Voc. along with gist listening, and some writing at the end for the productive section of the lesson


Lead In/Test (8-10 minutes) • To attract Ss attention to the topic and to test their background knowledge

T plays a short, funny video clip about C/ UC nouns and quantifiers to refresh Ss memories on this topic. T elicits the words: Noun, countable, un countable, quantifiers using CCQ: Where are they? What are they doing? Which items are they using? Can we count them? how? Then Ss do the test individually, a gap fill hand out about Food Facts and then pair check. They must use the words in a box projected on the board. A listening audio will be played to give the correct answers. T gets the FB as Wc and answers will be projected on the board.

Clarification (15-20 minutes) • To clarify the grammar point in detail by underlining the nouns in the text and matching the proper quantifiers to them, along with some explanations about the meaning of some quatifiers through some solo activities, pair check , games and group works

Ss underline the nouns in the text. T writes them on the board. Ss clarify which ones are countable or uncountable. Then Ss are put into 2 group, making 2 lines, picking up pieces of papers with the quantifiers on them. They take turn to put them in the appropriate place with the nouns on board. T corrects the answers as WC. In the second part of the presentation, 4 pairs of sentences including some confusing quantifiers will be projected, and Ss in pairs should try to clarify their meanings and the differences. CCQ: Is the meaning of the quantifier here + or - ? FB will be with WC. T brings a realia, A measuring Tape and asks Ss: What is this and why do we use it? T elicits Measure. Then T puts the tape on the board and asks the Ss to come to the board randomly and put the quantifiers in the correct order from top to down beside the measuring tape. FB as WC

Controlled Practice (10-15 minutes) • To check if Ss understood the meanings and functions of Countable/ Un countable Nouns and the quantifiers. To see if they can choose the proper quantifier with different nouns and different meanings.

The text is introduced by asking: What kind of person is it written for? The hand out with alternative choices will be given to the Ss to gist read it, ignoring all the alternatives. They should decide if it is good advice for a Lazy Cook. Then they will complete the activity in pairs, emphasizing to them that they should explain their answers. T gets FB as a WC and elicits explanation.

2 Freer Practices (8-12 minutes) • To give Ss an opportunity to apply their knowledge of grammar and voc. practiced in this lesson and produce some true sentences using C/UC nouns with the appropriate quantifiers

The page for this practice will be projected on the board. T first gives an example sentence about herself, then she asks a couple of Ss to change it so that it is true for them. Check if Ss understand all the voc. Ss make their sentences individually and then check their answers with a partner. T gets FB by nominating some of the Ss. The second practice is a writing task. Ss in pairs are given different topics. They must prepare a similar advice sheet used in the controlled practice about their topic. T helps Ss with voc. or other problems. Ss will mingle and present their list to others. T monitors.

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