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Teaching Practice 2
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will practice speaking by using vocabulary of relationships. The lesson starts with a matching activity which will provide them to review the words that they practiced the previous day.This is followed by a text about a couple. Ss will read and answer the questions about the text orally. Then they will be introduced a flash picture of another couple and will be supposed to ask questions about this couple. After that, they will be given the same picture and will make up their own stories. Finally, they will share their stories with the other groups and choose which one is the funniest, interesting etc.


Abc reading text
Abc question strips

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of recycle relationships

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of relationship words in the context of relationship


Warm - up (0-5 minutes) • To review the vocabulary that ss has practiced so far

There will be four pictures of different celebrities who are divorced, married, engaged and flirting. The ss will be supposed to match the pictures with the correct words. Four ss will be asked to come to the board and they will be given the words to stick below the pictures.

Checking the vocabulary (0-2 minutes) • To make sure that ss will practice the possible unknown words befores reading the text

The meaning of ' fall asleep' will be given by miming and making a sentence ' I was listening the teacher, I suddenly fell asleep.' Additionally, 'home town' will be elicited by asking the question : ''Where are you from?''; ' Your home town is .......'' T will make one of the ss ask to the other student where s/he is from.

Reading activity (0-3 minutes) • To provide ss information about the text before the speaking exercise

Ss will be reading the story of Colin and Linda. Half of them will be reading about Colin and the others will be reading about Linda.

Speaking activity #1 (0-10 minutes) • To provide ss talk about what they have alredy read by asking and answering questions

Ss will be working as student A and B in pairs and will be given strips including different questions about the couple. They will ask and answer the questions orally. After they finish the activity, they will tell the answers loudly one by one and the other ss will check it. If it's true, T will write it on the board.

Speaking activity #2 (0-10 minutes) • To provide ss to ask questions by using TL

T will stick a picture of a couple on the board and ss are supposed to ask some questions about the couple in pairs. Then they will ask their questions loudly and T will write the questions on the board and will answer them without writing.

Writing (0-15 minutes) • To provide ss to create a text by using TL

Ss will be given photos and they are supposed to write a story about how the couple first met. The clues that given by T in the previous stage will be helpful to make the story up for ss. After finishing, spokesmen of each group will come to the board, read his story and then the class will choose the funniest, the most interesting and the most romantic story.

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