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TP3 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen
Beginner level


Lesson starts with reminding Ss of previous lesson. We go on with awaking vocab with a collage. We do some listening assignments and finish with a speaking assignment. If there is time I prepared a game


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about Colin's life in the context of Colin Brodie from Dundee

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Conversation in the context of Everyday life


Lead-in (1-2 minutes) • To set the context and getlearners engaged in the topic

T shows a picture of Colin from Dundee and asks related questions: *What's his name? Colin (Brodie) *Where's he from? Scotland (Dundee) *How do you know him? From yesterday (previous lesson) Ask if they remember anything else about him.

Pre-teach vocabulary. (2-4 minutes) • To teach/unblock the vocabulary sts need to understand the audio and complete the assignments.

T shows the collage on the white board and asks Ss questions to help elicit the vocabulary. T fills out out the blanks, as Sss answer: Picture 1: What is wrong with this calender? Only fridays Picture 2: What does the man at the table want? Order Picture 3: What is the cat drinking? Wine Picture 4: The man says, it was? Terrible Pair up Ss and ask them to discuss the meaning of the words that were filled in, but also the words that were not filled in.

While-Listening 1 (7-10 minutes) • To practise listening for specific information and to further familiarize the learners with the text/vocabulary.

-Ask Ss to listen and try to find out where Colin is in each conversation. -T chests HO1 and asks Ss to fill out the table while they listen. -ICQ's: What do you listen for? Where Colin is Where will you write the answers? In the table -T distributes HO1. -T plays audio T5.9 -Have Ss check in pairs -WCFB by randomly asking some Ss to read their answers to the class.

While-Listening 2 (7-10 minutes) • Listen for detail

- T chests HO2 - T shows the table and asks Ss to complete it alone -ICQ's: *What will you find out? What Collin is doing * Will you do it alone? Yes - T distributes HO2 - T pays audio T5.9 - Have Ss check in pairs - WCFB by asking random Ss to read their answers to the class

Speaking task (10-12 minutes) • To practise pronuciation and fluency of the TL

- T devides Ss into groups of four - T chests HO 3 - T shows the table and asks students to fill it alone (Stress that it doesn't have to be a real conversation) -ICQ's: *What will you write about? Talking to my mother *Does it have to be real? No - When Ss have filled out the table ask them to compare their answers in the group - T asks Ss to discuss in their groups why/why not their answers are the same - For WCFB ask each group to tell what they found out about why/why not their answers were the same.

Game/Summery (8-12 minutes) • To use topic in a different context and to prepare Ss for the upcoming lesson

- T asks Ss if there's any differencess between moms from different countries - Have brief WC discussion about what those differences coulld be -T shows picture "#" and calls a strong S to help visualize the rules and demo the game ICQ's: *What will you guess? Where the mom is from *How many "moms" will you take? *What will you do with your "mom"? Pin it on the right flag *What will you do after you pinned your "mom"? Clap the hand of the next person -Ss play the game -T counts the score and announces the winner

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