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Reading (Giving up TV)
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will have a reading on the topic of Giving up TV. In the beginning, I will introduce the concept of how important is television. Then they will have a Pre-reading task(teaching 4 Vocabs). After that, they will skim the reading and do a gist task. After that, we will have some post-reading tasks. Finally, they will discuss the topic of reading.


Main Aims

  • Reading (Giving up TV) The students will read some paragraphs on the topic of giving up TV that include vocabularies such as Gorging, Devouring,Flicking, listlessly, etc.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide an opportunity to speak on the topic of the reading and to teach a few new vocabularies.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the lesson interesting for students

Use PowerPoint Slides to show some pictures to students (Google image), the first pictures are all about TV shows, TV brands, etc. - the teacher asks ss to talk about the pictures -The teacher asks the ss to talk about these pictures.

Pre-Reading (4-6 minutes) • To prepare the students for the reading, to pre-teach some new words

- I will teach 4 new vocabularies from the text. - I will have vocab words on the (Jam board) and show them some pictures and ask the ss to guess which picture matches with which word. -Then I will show using the PowerPoint Slides. A short meaning for each word is provided. They should match the meaning of the pictures. (Check whether they got the meaning.) -WCFB.

While-Reading (5-8 minutes) • (gist task/ skimming)

Students will read the text (task 1) and decide which argument the author is making. (gist task) - . Which sentence best describes the attitude of the writer towards television? He adores TV but decided to give it up because it was dominating his life. He’s found it virtually impossible to reduce the amount of TV he watches. He finds himself less and less devoted to television, but still can’t stop watching it completely. He’s totally disillusioned with television and has lost all interest in it. (1)First off, I have to admit the falseness of the title. You can’t give up television. You might want to. You might try. You might even succeed for about twenty-four hours. But, eventually, you will go back. I know. I’ve spent the last three years trying to wean myself off the box in the corner. Then the SS will check their answers in pairs and the (WCFB). -They should say why they have chosen that answer.

While-Reading (8-10 minutes) • (while-reading/scanning) • To read for specific details. (scanning)

(Task 2)- I will send the (Google Form) via chat (after giving clear instructions and ICQs). I will send (Google form) via chat Open it and follow the instruction -We will do the first question together (demo) -You have 5 min after we finish the demo - I will put you in the breakout room to check the answers in pairs -After checking the answers with the other ss. WCFB or breakout room

While-Reading (Detail) (8-11 minutes) • the purpose is to now process the text in more depth

-Students will write down the question on PowerPoint (Slide 8) (1min) Which paragraph does the writer talk about ‘gorging himself on news’ (paragraph 2), and ‘devouring a whole book’ (paragraph 9)? Which paragraph does the writer mentions the phrase ‘flicking listlessly’ (paragraph 3)? Which paragraph does the writer talk about ‘falling out of love’ with TV (paragraph 4)? Which paragraph does the writer mention that ‘television had come to hate me personally’ (paragraph 8)? -I will send the Students (Google Docs) via chat (8 min) -ICQ: Open the link -ICQ: Read the Text -Students will answer the questions

Post (4-6 minutes) • the purpose is to “react” or “personalise” the topic.

Before plenary feedback, get them to check in pairs. (Breakout room) (1-2 min) -After the breakout room, students will do WCFB -Then DEC He was ‘gorging on The Simpsons’? Yes/no (Give a reason why) Did he ever give up on The Simpsons? Yes/ no ( Give a reason why If we time we will a few more

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