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Practicing present simple
Beginner A1 level


in this lesson, students learn about present simple (just positive and negative form )and the lesson shape is TTT and they are going to have some controlled activities for practicing grammar. they are going to fill some gaps and write some ideas about themselves using the present simple grammar.


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Main Aims

  • To provide in the context of Daily routines

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of Present simple tense in the context of Daily routines


Set up (4-6 minutes) • to introduce practice activity and to highlight the target language to be used i the activity

1-I'm going to give them the first handout and they are supposed to fill all the blanks. first, they are going to do it individually an then i will ask them to discuss with theyre partners. 2-i will ask one of the students to seat in front of others as a teacher and I will give he/she the answer key and he/she will check the answers with others.

controlled practice activity (25-30 minutes) • To provide controlled practice and monitor SS while doing it and do error correction.

1- will give them the second handout and it is about their own routines and they are going to write some model sentences.i will give them five model sentences for giving feedback I will ask one or two students to read some of their sentences. 2-in this part I will give them the third handout. in this activity students are going to fill some blanks. then I will seat in the middle and ask each of them to read one of the blanks and I will give them the answers. 3-i will give them the fourth activity and they are going to choose the correct words.first they will do that individually then they will check the answers with partners. I will give them the answer keys then and ask them to check their answers with the Ak. 4-in the last activity students are going to make negative sentences.they will first do it individually and then in groups. I will ask each sentence from different students to answer then I will check the answers

Free practice activity (4-6 minutes) • to pvide less controlled activity and use the target language in context of speaking about routines

I will ask students to stand up and divide them into groups of three or four and ask each group to go to different corners and then I will ask them to imagine that they are in the first day of their class and they don't know each other.they will start to discuss their routines in their groups and I will give them some model sentences (I.e.i get up at six.) .

Feedback and error correction (3-5 minutes) • to provide feedback on using the TL and coorect answers

when students are doing the Free activity I will monitor them and elicit some common errors and then write some sentences on the board that have the same error and ask students to use the correct form

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