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In this lesson, students learn new vocabulary related to some descriptive and demonstrative adjectives. They also learn how to order adjectives in a sentence using both singular and plural nouns. The use of very with adjectives will be also taught.


Abc course book, handouts, images (all attached)

Main Aims

  • My main aim is to clarify adjectives in the context of describing people, objects and situations accompanied with those of correct word order

Subsidiary Aims

  • My subsidiary aim is to help student practice the pronunciation of adjectives with a focus on stress pattern


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Greeting (asking them if they remember my name:)) Focusing Ss on some images of descriptive adjectives and asking them to say how they are. Then some of the adjective-noun phrases they have produced are written on the board and they are asked to say which ones are nouns or adjectives.

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide a context of TL

Ss are given handouts (they fold the paper to see the adjective list not the images) and individuals will tick adjectives they know on the list. They match the adjectives to pictures in pairs. Answers will be then checked with the class and the two opposites of old (young and new) will be pointed out (using pictures). Ss are then examined if they have understood the word "opposite" by asking the question in class: what is the apposite of fast, early, etc.

Sub Aim (8-10 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice pronunciation with a focus on stress pattern

New words will be modeled and drilled with the class (stress is not specifically clarified, we just repeat the words once). Ss are then asked to mark the stress on 8 specific adjectives on given handout and check pronunciation in pairs. Stress patterns and pronunciation are then checked by asking pairs to come and write them down on the board and say them out loud.

Comprehension check (4-5 minutes) • To test if the target vocabulary is comprehended

Ss are asked to work in pairs and take turns to test each other on the opposites. for more clarification on instruction, one student will flip the handout, I ask them what is the opposite of early and they would answer. After 2 minutes, Ss are asked to change roles.

Controlled practice (5-7 minutes) • To allow students to practice word order and the use of "very"

In pairs, Ss are asked to choose the correct form of the sentence to practice the word order including the order of very before adjectives. Some CCQs on the board are asked form the class: before/after word order questions Answers are then checked with the class

Free practice (6-8 minutes) • To clarify the meaning and rules of the task language

Ss work on their own to use rules in the previous task and put the mixed words on the given hand out in the correct order. This activity is followed by a peer check in pairs and finally with the class.

Back pocket plan (10-12 minutes) • To engage students on the target vocabulary in case of exessive time

Ss are put into two groups: A&B and play the pantomime game and switch roles and the group that gets more points will be the winner.

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