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TPb 5
Beginner level


The students will learn verb collocations with "have, do and go" through a listening text and practice these items with controlled and semi-controlled activities.


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Main Aims

  • Vocabulary: To provide clarification and practice with verb collocations of "have", "do" and "go"

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening: To give students practice in skimming and scanning skills


Lead-In (5-7 minutes) • To generate interest and use their schemata to activate background knowledge.

-Greet the students and ask them: "What did you do on Tuesday?" -Elicit a few answers. -Show the pictures one by one and use target vocabulary. -"Now you turn to your partner and tell them, what you did on Tuesday." They have 2 minutes. -Feedback: Elicit a few answers.

Listening for gist (5-6 minutes) • To practice listening for gist in order to contextualize and introduce the target language

-Chest the handout and point the question part. Instructions: "You will listen to a dialogue between me and my friend ..... You listen and answer this question: 'What are they talking about?' You have 3 options" ICQs: How many options? 3. How many do you choose? 1 -Group the students into threes. -"Now talk to your partners and check!" -WC feedback. Ask for justification: "How do you know?"

Listening for specific information (8-10 minutes) • To contextualize and introduce the target language

- Show the questions related to the specific information part. "You will listen again. You have 5 questions. Read the questions carefully. You have 1 minute. I will open the listening and find the answers from the listening." -Ask ICQs : How many questions? 5 Where are the answers? In the listening. - Open the listening and when finished pair the students and have them check with their partners. -Give markers to the students and they write their answers on the board. -Feedback: Ask for peer feedback, if the whole class gets it wrong, correct.

Clarifying target language (10-13 minutes) • Clarifying MFP for the learners

-Hand out the written version of the text and point to the table: "here you find the words in the text and put in the right column. -After individuals are done, Ss pair check. -Feedback: open the Word document with the related page, Ss come and write on the board. -MFP activity: Open the presentation and drill the sentences (divide the class into 2 and one side is Berk and the other is Muazzez. Drill the dialogue.)

Controlled Language Practice (10-13 minutes) • To provide controlled language practice

-Show the enlarged version of the pictures in HO1. students match the collocations with the pictures. They have 4 minutes. After finished, they go and check the ohers' -Put the A3 papers with questions form pg 70 on the walls. -Divide the class to three groups. Name them. -Hand out the papers (had, did and went) -Instructions: You have 7 questions, you have 3 options: had, did and went. Put one of them on the sentence. Look at the text if you want. First to finish wins. ICQs How many questions? 7 How many correct answers? 1 When do you start? With the ring.

Free pracitice (10-13 minutes) • To provide less controlled practice in speaking

-Chest the handout. Instructions: You have 5 questions here. / mins. You ask the questions to 3 different people and note their answers. Don't ask all the questions to the same person! ICQs How many questions? 5 How much time? 7 mins How many people do you ask? 3 Do you ask all the questions to same or different people? Different -Feedback: Ask questions, Students try to remember without looking at the papers.

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