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Copy of Sports lesson
Pre-A2 level


In this lesson Ls learn about sports names and sports equipment through 1) presentation of pictures 2) matching lexical items to pics 3) anagram 4) communicative activity (expressing preference) requiring the use of some of the vocabulary taught 5) matching equipment names/pics to sports 6) making a vocabulary tree of a sport they enjoy


Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson Ls will be able to recognise and use the names of different sports and equipment by engaging in 6 different vocabulary activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of sports words, sports equipment words in the context of sport


Introduce the topic (1-2 minutes) • To introduce the topic and activate schemata

T pins up on the board the "sports" pic and asks Ls if they have a favourite sport/Which sport they would like to try.

(6-8 minutes) • To present new vocabulary and check understanding of meaning

T pins up a pic of a sport(eg:football) and elicits/provides the name. Invites Ls to pronounce it chorally. Pins up IPA transcription and name of sport under the pic. Same procedure for all 15 sports. T names a sport at a time and asks volunteers to stand up and spotting the right sport to stick a gold medal pic above it and say the sport's name.

(6-8 minutes) • To practice writing new vocabulary

T unpis sports names from board and draws attention to the same sports depicted on the book as well as the anagram. T demonstrates with an example how to do the anagram and invites Ls to do the rest quickly. T sks Ls to match words to the pictures, demonstrates with an example. T asks Ls to check answers in pairs and asks some Ls to take turns to write their answers on the board.(eg: athletics-3)

Activity 2 NEW EDITION (6-7 minutes) • tO REVISE lIKE + ING, TO REVISE SOME OF THE VOCABULARY TAUGHT, To notice "play", "do", "go" + sport

T invites individual Ls to tick the statements that are true for them. Then, T writes "I like -ing/ I don't like -ing" on the board and asks Ls to talk in groups of 4 giving their opinions about sport or other activities. T monitors. T gets FB open class. T draws Ls' attention to corpus spot. Has Ls read the rule and asks CCQ: Can we play swimming? Why (not)? Can we go volleyball? why (not)? Can we do athletics? Why? T invites pairs of Ls to do the first task. Gets FB. T invites pairs to do the second task. Gets FB

Activity 3, page 11 (4-5 minutes) • To present new vovabulary (equipment)

T invites Ls to work in pairs. Shows the HO and asks pairs to match the equipment (which is also depicted on HO) to the sports in ex. 1 Distributes HO. Monitors. T gets FB by writing on board the name of sports the students supply.

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