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Sevgi Üstün. 3rd of July. Teaching Practice2. Relationships
Intermediate level


This lesson is designed to show the students reading a text to find a specific information. At the beginning, I will create interest on the topic by using some pictures, asking them questions and giving pre-teach vocabulary Later, the learners will read the text with a task given to them. There will be some vocabulary activities in the while-stage of reading the text. Finally, the students will do a listening activity on the same topic again.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, the learners will have read a text for specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, The learners will have used topic specific vocabulary to understand a listening text about relationships.


Warmer: Showing pictures and asking questions related to topic. (0-5 minutes) • This warmer will help the learners to be interested and involved in the reading task and get an overall idea of the lesson.

I prepared some pictures about love, dating, relationships etc. I will show them to the learners and make them talk about the pictures. This will also help them activate their previous vocabulary about the topic.

Pre-reading task : Picking the cue card and eliciting the vocabulary related to topic (0-10 minutes) • This part will help the learners to remember and learn the vocabulary related to the topic and also talk about it.

In this part, the students will be divided into groups and each of them will pick a cue card which I prepared before. The cards are about their "firsts" . For example: My first love, my first date, my first crush etc. They will talk about the card they choose and swap the papers and go on like this. We will talk about the answers together and I will also monitör their answers

While-reading task: Reading to have an overall idea of the text. (skim/gist reading) (0-10 minutes) • To make the learners read the text to have some idea about what it is about.

In this task, they will be randomly divided as A and B students. They will be given two different texts. I will give them some time to read the texts and tell them they will ask 5 questions to other people about the other text and find our the information which is very similar to their text. I will monitör them. We will also ask ans answer some of the questions together.

While-reading task 2: Reading the text to find a specific information.(scan reading) (0-8 minutes) • To make the learners to read the text intensively to find the certain information

I will give the whole text to students. They will read the whole of it. I will warn them beforehand that they will need to complete the the sentences below the text . They will write whom about the sentences are. They will check the answers with their partners.

Post-reading task: Discussion of the topic and the reading text. (0-5 minutes) • To make them speak about the text and let the whole class give feedback about the text.

I will ask them questions like: Which relationships have the best chance of succes? Why? What are the secrets of a successful relationship? We will answer them together.

Listening task: (0-7 minutes) • Using topic specific vocabulary to understand a listening task about relationships.

They will listen to Ruth and Claire talking about the relationship one year later and find out which relationship worked and which not and why.

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