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Visiting London
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students shall be given two listening tasks in which they will get to put their listening skills to use. The context throughout the lesson shall revolve around Visiting London. Concept checking activities will test their abilities to gist and detailed listening. Through vocabulary and phrases given in the listening task students are expected to further expand on giving advise and giving opinions towards the end of the lesson.


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Main Aims

  • To provide a lesson to have the students practice their gist and detailed listening skills.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide new vocabulary through the listenings in order to put them to use in language forms.


Warm up: Visiting London (5-7 minutes) • To focus ss attention on the pictures of London to generate a small discussion surrounding the topic before handing exercise handouts.

Four pictures will be stuck on the board and the teacher will elicit which city the scenes are all located in. Next, the teacher will generate a small discussion around the topic: "Where is this place?" "Has anyone in this class been to London?" "Have you visited other cities in England?" "Did you enjoy your time there?" "How was the weather?" "What else did you see?"

Exercise 2: Listening 1 (5-8 minutes) • To have the students listen to the first section of the listening task (audio 3.10) and decide on an answer (multiple choice) that best summarizes it

The teacher shall give the students the context in which the listening activity takes place: "You will listen to two people from England, Carla and Tom..." "Now let's read exercise 2" Students shall listen to track 3.10 one for a gist listening and a second listening for those students who may have missed some details. After two listenings students will select the best summary of what they have listened to. Teacher shall check answers by calling out individual students and ask CCQs for further comprehension: "What is an example of a tourist attraction?" "Who are locals? "Does it cost a lot of money to eat there"

Exercise 3: Listening 2 (5-8 minutes) • To provide students an opportunity to practice gist AND detailed reading to match the places with the ideas in the box

The teacher will elicit what some of the vocabulary under exercise 3 and ask CCQs: E.g. Free Exhibiton, ethnic food, street entertainer, deer "For example if you go to Sabanc─▒ Museum on Wednesday, it's free." T will then play track 3.11 and ask the students to match the places Tom recommends with the ideas in the box. Students' answers will be checked as a whole class.

Exercise 4: Listening 2 (5-8 minutes) • To provide the students a second listening so that they can listen for phrases listed in Exercise 3 and check them.

T shall ask students to listen carefully a second time to the second part of the conversation. T sits. Once ss have listened T will check their answers as a whole class. T will then concept check by asking ss where to find specific things listed in the box. The ss will have to answer where they can be found. Discuss further if necessary for comprehension.

Group Activity: Recommending a city (10-15 minutes) • To enact a groupwork activity to practice vocabulary from the listening and to highlight language needed to give advice.

Students are to write travel advice for a place they know well and then use the advice in a guessing game. The students then think of a city they know well. The students will write the name of the city in their notebook. Then write 3 places/attractions that a first-time visitor should see. Students can give advice on things like clubs, nightlife, museums, shopping, food and drink, etc. When the students have finished writing, they are divided into groups of four or five. Students then take it in turns to read their travel advice to the group, without saying the name of the place. The other students in the group listen and guess which, city the student is giving advice for. Afterwards, the groups choose one student from their group to read their travel advice to the class for them to guess.

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