dilara saygin dilara saygin

Teaching Pratice 3
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn some words and try to use them in their own words. They first need to categorize the words. In second practice they will need to use them and rewrite them in sentences. Also, with "Truth or lie" game they will be able to use the vocabulary.


Abc Fill out
Abc Rewrite the sentences sheet
Abc Gap-Fill out handout

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Lead-in/Presentation (5-10 minutes) • To introduce the topic and prepare the class

T writes on the board Certain and Uncertain. Then, T says out loud " I am convinced" and asks students if convinced should go Certain or uncertain column. Then, when T gets feedback T gives out paper where there is two columns and ask students to fill this out with their partners. After, T checks students answer and try to drill the pronounciation of the words.

Focus on meaning (5-7 minutes) • to understand the meaning of vocabulary

T tells the students to read sentences through once quickly. Ss read them again and complete the second sentence so it means the same. T goes through the example if t thinks the class has not understood. T checks the answers in open class.

Controlled practice (5-9 minutes) • to check ss understanding of vocabulary

T instructs the ss that they need to fill out the questions and they can do this in pairs. So T rearranges the class and make sure everyone is on the right track. Later, they check the answer with Whole class.

Speaking (5-10 minutes) • to personalize the topic

T gives instructions to ss about Truth or lie game. they will play with their classmates in groups.

Speaking follow up (5-7 minutes) • to continue personalization

After the game Ss sit back together and compare who they talked to and decide who was lying or telling the truth and why. T should encoruage them to use the words that they just learned and at the end T shoudl get some feedbak students.

Activity for if any time left (5-10 minutes)

Teacher divides students by two and puts them in two rows. Each person should have partner. T writes the vocabularies that they just learned on the board. T says whatever word i am reading you should delete it from the board and whoever deletes first, it is the winner.Until the words are finished, T reads them out loud and competiton should go on.

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