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A weekend break : hotels
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students are going to discuss their opinions about hotels and which facilities they would find there. They will listen to a radio program about the worst hotel in Britain.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice about the worst hotel in Britain

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a variety of vocabulary used to talk about hotels


Lead-In (2-4 minutes) • To generate interest in the theme of the lesson

- T shows a picture of a tourist in the airport. - T asks Ss Where she will stay to elicit the word hotel. - T shows a picture of best hotel and worst hotel in Turkey - T asks Ss which hotel she would prefer and why? - How long do people stay there? - How much do people pay for a hotel? - What is the difference between very cheap and expensive hotels?

Prediction Task (3-5 minutes) • To encourage Ss to predict about the content of the text and give them a reason to listen the text

- T tells Ss that they are going to stay in a seaside hotel in a nearby country. - T divides the class into two groups - T asks Ss to discuss and write the most important ten things that the hotel must have ICQS: 1. Will you read or listen? No, write 2. How many thing will you write? ten 3. how much time? three minute - T gets feedback and let the students write the names on the board

Pre- teaching vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To unlock key lexis needed to help Ss understand the text

- T divides the class into two groups - T shows HO for matching the definitions of some words. - T asks Ss to match the definition on the board race activity ICCQs: 1.How many definitions? 8 2.Will you write? match or stick 3. How much time? 3 - T asks Ss to complete the form in activity 1 in PW ICQs: 1. Will you listen and write? No, read and write 2. How many gaps? 8 much time? 2

Pre-listening task (6-9 minutes) • To encourage Ss to think about the content of the text

- Ss look at the list of room and hotel facilities again and choose the four most important facilities in activity 2 - ICQs: 1. Will you write or choose? choose 2. How many facilities? the four most important 3. How much time? 2 minutes. - T gets feedback and any answer is correct - T asks Ss " Have you ever stayed in hotel before?" - T asks Ss to PW to do activity 4.

Listening for gist (3-5 minutes) • To encourage Ss to listen and read for gist understanding

- T shows the picture of a hotel in Brighton and asks them would you like to stay there or not to elicit any information Ss can see - T tells Ss that they will listen to part of a radio programme in which two people stay at this hotel. - T asks Ss to listen to the opening of the programme to find: 1. the name of the programme? The holiday programme 2. the name of the hotel? The king Edward 3. The names of two people? Nicki and Gavin ICCQs: 1. Will you listen to the whole listening? only the opening 2. How many thin will you find? 3 3. What are they? names of hotel-programme-people - T asks Ss to check in pairs - T get feedback

Listening for specific information (3-5 minutes) • To practice reading/listening for gist and specific information.

- T asks Ss to listen to the recording and tick the problems that they had - Ss check in PW - T gets the feedback

Listening for detail (3-5 minutes) • To practice listening for detailed comprehension

- T asks Ss to listen again and put the events in the correct order. - Ss check in pairs. - T get the feedback on the board

Post-Listening tasks (4-5 minutes) • To develop oral or written fluency on the topic

- T asks Ss to retell the story to their partners. - Ss work in pairs.

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