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Main Aims

  • Grammar (time clauses) - Context: Life Lessons

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Introduction (5-6 minutes) • To meet the students and have them meet each other

Write my name and ask what their names are, then write them on the board. Under my name, I will write three or fours words important to me, and then they must guess why they are important by asking questions. Then they will come up to the board and write three or four words important to them. They must ask each other why they are important.

Lead-In (7-8 minutes)

Ask what their most important life events were. Write "life events" on the board and give examples. Graduation, 20th birthday, wedding, etc. Tell each other what your most important life events were and why. What happened?

Snapshot 1 (8-9 minutes)

Everyone look on page 72. Elicit meaning of Rites of Passage (which are "some important life events"). Look at the things that are important in other countries. Elicit meaning of events. Talk together: Which are important in Morocco? Have these things happened to you or someone you know? Get a little bit of feedback - what did your partner say?

Conversation (20-23 minutes)

PW - what were you like as kids? Introduce words people often use to talk about themselves as children. IRRESPONSIBLE: not doing your duties, you can't be trusted to do a job IMMATURE: behaving as younger than you really are While they are talking, draw a chart on the board. Write their names in the chart, and one column saying "What was he/she like as a kid?". When they are done, they need to pick a few adjectives to write about each other in the chart. Feedback: Student#1, what can we say about student#2? "When she was a kid, she was...." PW: Do you think you have changed since you were a kid? What life event changed you? What was your TURNING POINT? TURNING POINT: a time when an important change starts to happen. Give example: When I was young, I was immature, but going to college changed me. While they talk, add to the chart: What life event changed them? Students go up and write the life event. Then they make sentences from the chart!

Grammar - Explaining Time Clauses (6-7 minutes)

Look at books P73 and look at "Time Clauses" Write "Before I had my first job, I was really immature." Say that Time Clauses have 2 parts. One can stand alone, the other cannot. All clauses need a subject and verb (highlight them in each clause.) Time clause can come before or after the main clause. Direct students to the book. Look at the time clauses. Draw timelines for each! (Green notebook)

Grammar - Activities (28-35 minutes)

Complete Activity A alone and then compare answers with your partners Go over answers, eliciting from students Activity B: Pick some of the clauses in column A that relate to you, and finish the sentence with your own information. Share with class Activity C: What do people learn from these events? Work in a group, and use your own experience. What have you learned from the events you can relate to?

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