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Adjectives with Prepositions
Upper-Intermediate level


This lesson will enable Ss to focus their oral language skills on using and extending their understanding of adjectives with prepositions. Ss will review complex sentences. They will be reminded that adjectives + prepositions make statements about a person's attitude towards something. For example, She is excited about the party tomorrow. Ss will be encouraged to think about their own sentences using different adjectives with different prepositions.


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Abc Over-head projector
Abc Object filled bags
Abc White Board
Abc Markers
Abc Dry Erasers
Abc Internet

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary: adjectives with Prepositions

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking with some complimentary writing


Warmer/Lead-in (10-15 minutes) • Fun with Adjectives

Review: Overhead projector will be used to show Ss images of different foods and asked to describe them. I will place 3 objects of varying size and textures in 3 bags then ask Ss to put their hands in the bags and describe both in writing and orally what they are feeling without looking.

Speaking (5-10 minutes)

The Ss will be put into pairs then asked which superhero power they would most like to have. This will encourage a more creative and enjoyable oral expression of ideas. Ss book p89 e1-3

Vocabulary (10-15 minutes)

Ss will answer questions from SsBk e1-4. This will better develop their vocabulary.

Adjective rich conversation (5-10 minutes)

If their is time Ss will form a circle and discuss their favorite music, book, dessert....using a minimum of two adjectives per item

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