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Reading puzzle (dilemmas)
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice and develop their reading skills through the medium of a text about a girl's dilemma. The lesson starts with eliciting some ideas about different kinds of dilemmas that can exist.Then, students will discuss their assumptions about a picture. This is followed by a running dictation activity where some students read, remember and dictate to the other ones,then they'll change roles. Afterwards, the students will order the text using textual cohesion. Finally, students will have a freer speaking activity that focuses on the girl's dilemma in the reading text.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice in writing,speaking and reading in the context of "dilemmas".

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and textual cohesion reading practice using a text about Fiona's dilemma in the context of "dilemmas".


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • To set the context and to engage the students in discussion

Elicit the topic of "dilemma" using a personal story. Ask the students to talk about some dilemmas that they have experienced.

Pre-reading (6-8 minutes) • To reorient students to the topic of the lesson

Tell the students that they are going to read a text about a girl called Fiona and her dilemma. Show an enlarged copy of the "Fiona" from p.220 Straightforward Intermediate teacher's book. Ask the students some questions about the picture to elicit some of their ideas: "what's happening to Fiona in your opinion?" "why she is standing here?" Ask students to get into pairs and tell them to discuss what they think Fiona's dilemma is. Give each pair a copy of the picture. Get some FB from some students.

Reading for gist activity (8-10 minutes) • Allow students to practice their reading using a running activity/puzzle

Tell the students that they are going to read to find out more about Fiona's dilemma but they will have their own dilemma too: The story is cut up. (the story will be on the wall in 2 different colors) Divide the students into two groups: Yellow and green group. Instruct the students that they need one group will run, read, remember 6 sentences one by one and come back to their partner and dictate the sentences one by one. Then, they will switch the role. Demonstrate the activity. Students will have 6 min to finish the activity. note: early finishers will go check with the other pairs.

Reading for textual cohesion (8-11 minutes) • To practice reading for textual cohesion and comprehension

Tell students that they have Fiona's story. Elicit that there is still a problem with it since it's not in order.So, they need to put it in the right order. Get the pairs to work together to put the story in order.Set the time: 5 min. Ask the students to check their answers with the other pairs. Post the answer key and ask them who has got the story in the right order.

Post reading/ freer activity (6-8 minutes) • To provide freer spoken practice on the context of "dilemmas"

Ask a few questions to check that students have understood Fiona's dilemma. Put the students in a group of 4 and tell them to discuss these points: 1. What they think Fiona should do 2. What question she should ask and why 3. what she should do when she gets the answer. finish the activity when the majority of students seem to have got a solution. Take some w/c FB. If no one got the solution tell them what it is.

General discussion( if time allows) (1-3 minutes) • To get students to freely practice for fluency in the context of dilemmas

Put students in groups and tell them to discuss the everyday dilemmas that students have at schools and what they can do about them.

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