Zahra Zahra

teaching practice 3
upper-intermediate (B2) level


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Main Aims

  • vocabulary
  • To provide clarification, practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening and speaking


warmer/lead-in (3-4 minutes) • to generate interest in the topic of the lesson

The teacher divides the class into 3 groups and tells them that she is going to play a clip and they are supposed to come up with one idea about the clip.Then she plays a clip related to the topic which is 'dress your age?'. She sets a time limitation (1 minute) and then each group says the idea.

pre-teaching vocabulary (4-6 minutes) • To prepare the students to understand and complete the task on next stage

The teacher regroups the ss (depends on the situation)then she tells them that she is going to give them a sheet with scrambled words and their definitions.She shows the PDF version on the board and unscrambles one of the words so ss will understand that they are supposed to do the same in their group. The teacher sets a time limitation. After that she tells them they should exchange the members to check the answers. Then she wants each group to send an ambassador to the board and complete one word until the task is done. Then the teacher goes back to the board and starts drilling.

listening for gist (1-2 minutes) • to encourage ss to listen for gist and general understanding

The teacher writes two questions on the board. She tells ss that she is going to play the audio and she wants someone to read out the questions. By the end of the audio they are supposed to answer the questions. Then she plays the audio (just one minute of that or even less) and she asks volunteers to answer the questions.

listening for specific information (7-8 minutes) • To practice listening for specific information (scanning)

The teacher tells ss that they will be given a piece of paper with a few sentences taken from the listening (part 4,ex b). They are supposed to listen again and fill in the blanks. Then they will check the answers in pairs. The teacher projects a sheet with two different answers, ss will choose which one is correct. Then the teacher tells ss that she is going to play the audio again, give them a list of items and they are going to make notes. They are supposed to do ex c.( Why do the journalists mention the following?) Then she wants them to check the answers with their partners while the teacher is monitoring and writing the wrong answers. (if there is any, She would ask the ss to answer after the task is done.)

post-listening (2-3 minutes) • to allow an opportunity to react to the topic/ to develop oral fluency on the topic

The teacher writes a question on the board ( part 4, ex d) and tells ss they have two mins to talk about the question with their partners. Then she asks one or two volunteer to share their ideas.

reviewing vocabular (3-4 minutes) • to activate students' schema

Students will be given some small papers with one word on each. The words are different clothes and jewellery. The teacher regroups the ss. Each group has own specific colour. ( The words are the same for groups). There are some categories on the board, e.g. head, neck, clothes... The teacher tells that they have one minute to decide on each category. Then they have one minute to complete each category. They will have to complete all of the categories. The group that finishes sooner would be the winner.

Eliciting the words (8-10 minutes) • To clarify meaning so learners understand it

The teacher shows some pictures (the ones on pg 153, 1a). then elicits the words. The pictures includes materials, too. After eliciting, the teacher models each word and goes through some CCQs, then drilling. Then she goes for the next step which is introducing materials. She asks ss if they have any ideas about the materials. If they do not, She would say some of them and tells ss that she is going to give them an exercise and they are supposed to complete it individually and then check the answers with their partners. Then she asks who wants to be the teacher for a few mins. The one comes and takes the answer key and plays the teacher.

speaking (3-4 minutes) • to make an opportunity to practice their fluency

The teacher tells that she is going to give each pair a list of question as a quiz. They are supposed to answer the questions in pairs and then exchange the pairs and check the answers. Then the teacher gives the answer key.

pronunciation (3-4 minutes) • to make students get familiar with short and long vowel sounds and practice them

The teacher tells students that she is going to give them a folded paper including short and long vowel sounds with a list of words. Then she wants them to take a look at the pronunciation table. They are supposed to complete the chart. Teacher puts one of the words, in order to shorten the instruction. The ss will do the task in pairs and they will listen to part b to check their answers. Part d would be just repetition. The teacher models each phrase and drills.

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