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Jobs Lesson
Beginner level


This lesson will help students learn how and when to use he/she, his/her and they/their while asking questions related to jobs. They will be given an activity, in which they will need to fill in the missing information related to different characters profession and which country they belong to.


Abc Where's he/she from?

Main Aims

  • To extend Ss ability to use functional language of asking/answering about jobs & where people live using 3rd persons singular & plural.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking, listening


Vocabulary words (4-5 minutes) • To educated Ss with words which will be used in the following activity

Write down the words on the board, one by one and ask the students if they know what is the meaning and pronunciation of the word. Then provide them with the information pack and explain it to them.

Introduce your pair (12-15 minutes) • To engage the students and know their names.

Will identify the pairs and instruct them to ask from each other, regarding their partners name and profession. Then they will be asked to introduce their pair to the class using he/she & his/her.

Where's he/she from? (20-25 minutes) • How to asking/answering questions regarding jobs

Will: - divide the class in two groups, namely A & B. - give Group A the first half of the activity and Group B the second. - identify and ask members of Group A to pair up with members of Group B. - Instruct the pairs to work together and fill the missing information on their sheets. - specify the time in which it should be finished in. Once completed Ss will be provided with an answer key, pair wise, to check their answers. The answer key will have answers in form of sentences. I will then ask every student a question for FB, e.g. where is Lee from?, and they will need to reply with the correct answer using the answer key, therefore, 'Lee is from Hong Kong'.

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