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Flags and countries
Pre -Intermediate, Grade 5, B1 level


This lesson is a part of a wider topic of TRAVELING. It contents CLIL activities focused on flags and countries on a blind map and creative activity to design SS own flag.


Abc Flags
Abc Blind map
Abc Flags descriptions

Main Aims

  • To learn flags of some countries and find them on the map, ability to describe flags.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Cooperation


Do you know the flags? (10-12 minutes) • Cooperation

Ss get a picture of 12 flags and try to find out which countries they belong to. A blind map might help them. Firstly SS work individually, secondly in pairs, then in groups of 4, 6 etc. till they compare their assumptions/results in 2 large groups.

Label the flags (5-10 minutes) • Reading of descriptions and finding the countries on the map

Ss work in pairs. They take turns reading a description (a-l) and labelling the flag (1-12). They find the countries on the map.

Design your own flag (10-15 minutes) • To draw SS own flag and describe to the class.

In pairs, SS design and draw a flag for their class. Each pair shows and describes its flag to the class. SS take a vote to find out the most popular design.

Revision (5-5 minutes) • Drill the pronunciation

T elicits the names of the countries represented by the flags, writes them on the board and models the pronunciation.

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