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TP 6 COMPANIES Lexis Speaking
Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson, students practise using collocations and respond to questions relating to success and failure. Related lexis and context are introduced via a cartoon. This is followed by a matching exercise.Next, the class completes a table task. Lastly, students do a speaking activity that requires them to describe lessons learnt from mistakes/failures.


Abc Cartoon - self made
Abc Complete a table Task Pre Int
Abc Matching exercise - Lifestyle Pre Int

Main Aims

  • to practise speaking skills for fluency in the context of successes and failures.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practise using collocations in the context of project successes and failures.
  • to practise using question and answer formats to promote discussion about life lessons.


Lead In/Warmer (2-3 minutes) • to introduce a problem and predict an outcome

T.will present a scenario via a cartoon format. The fictional character is a cat who has a problem.......he wants to catch mice but the latter are too fast for him. He is frustrated. The mouse, of course, is delighted. What to do?...He devises a plan to catch the mice. How will his plan go? Elicit 'frustrated', 'pleased', 'success or failure?'

Vocabulary / Lexis Building (12-15 minutes) • to teach collocations via concept checking and drilling exercises

T. continues to the next stage of the 'cat story'. T. provides Ss with pictures and asks questions to elicit words and phrases. Qs Where? Why? How much?What? etc. T/L: '$200', 'spent' ,'cost ' ,'tests' , 'production', 'target', 'deadline' DRILLING - Pronunciation/ Stress 1) He had a problem. 2) He spent $200 3) He ran /did tests 4) He slowed down/speeded up production 5) He didn't meet his deadline 6) He ran into a problem 7) He didn't achieve his targets 8) It cost $200 9) It was a failure

Word Focus (5-7 minutes) • to focus on collocation usage

T divides class into groups or pairs depending on S. numbers Hands out W/S Matching Exercise Ss are asked to complete sentences by forming verb-noun collocations. *****5 minutes to complete. WC check Check Q: Which sentences describe successes and which describe failures?

Pre-Speaking Activity (7-10 minutes) • to focus on functional language relating to failures and life lessons

T. divides W/B into 5 columns. T then hands out different sentences to Ss. T tells Ss they need to place the sentences under the correct heading. Q. Which ones are about.....? ****T. models the first sentence *****Allow 7 mins to complete task (pairs/groups depending on class numbers) WC Check

Speaking Activity (8-10 minutes) • to encourage discussion for speaking fluency; personalization

Provide students with Role Cards. Each R/C will detail a name and situational problem/falure/mistake. Tell Ss that they will be working in pairs. One person will ask Qs (using Qs from previous class task) and the other will describe what happened and answer the colleague's questions. Ss then swap. ****************T. models an example using a R/C T. advises a 10 mins limit and asks Ss to stand up and role play as if at a party ******Whilst Ss mingle, T checks for errors/corrections. At end of activity, T can write down any correct phrase or error that seems to stand out in the activity.

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