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Essay writing,introduction part.
advance level


In this lesson SS will get to know different types of essay in IELTS exam. Then SS will work more on introduction part specifically on generalization part by working on more decent examples. This will be continued by introducing some methods to write body paragraphs.


Abc instruction handouts,WB

Main Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a essay in the context of introduction

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a essay


process of writing an introduction paragraph (5-10 minutes) • a brief review on last session's lesson

ask students to talk about last session's topic and receiving feedback. check the ss homework. ask some ss to read their answers. Ask other SS to listen and give their opinion about their class mates' homework. check all the assignments and try to cover all mistakes using decent examples.

introduction to different types of essay (15-20 minutes) • Being acquaintance to different types question in the IELTS exam.

Ask SS to tell their ideas about various kinds of writing. Name different types of essay. Giving decent examples for different types of essay. Giving some handouts in order to clarify some useful hints. Giving clear expressions of writing thesis statement for each type of essay. Ask SS to work in a group and write some examples. Check some mistakes.

structure of an introduction paragraph (15-20 minutes) • try to provide detailed information about writing an introduction paragraph

Give SS a specific topic ask SS to work in pairs and brainstorm it. Ask SS to write some general sentences in pairs about the topic. Check SS's answer. Give SS other topics to write a whole paragraph by themselves. Ask SS to read their answers and check them.

introduction of main body (5-10 minutes) • how to move from an introduction paragraph to main body

introduce a specific topic to SS Ask SS to write their thesis statement about the topic together with reasons. give some hand outs with examples on them. Ask SS to read the examples and know the structure. give a brief explanation if needed.

Feed back (3-5 minutes) • receiving some feed back about the lesson

Give SS a specific topic Ask SS to write a whole introduction paragraph including general points, thesis statement, reasons as their assignments. Answer to questions if needed at the end of class.

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