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Listening and Reading Comprehension
Beginner Level level


In this lesson, the sts will practice reading and listening then answer questions related to the content. There will be some new vocabulary added, and a brief introduction to asking "Yes or No" questions.


Abc Audio Sample
Abc Reading Sample
Abc Listening Questions HO
Abc Listening Questions Answer Key
Abc Listening and Matching HO
Abc Listening Question and Answer Strips

Main Aims

  • Reading and Listening TL

Subsidiary Aims

  • Introduce questions and short answers


Warm-up & Introduction (5-7 minutes) • Set the context, engage students, introduce new vocabulary

Greet the students, Show images the USA, New York City and the United Nations International School. Ask engaging questions. (Ex: What country is this? What city is this? Where is NYC?....etc). New vocabulary- On WB write the unfamiliar words (cafeteria, everyday, website, international- Show image of cafeteria) Practice pronunciation (choral drilling, etc.)

Reading Comprehension (12-15 minutes) • Read the text and answer related questions

Explain: "To ask questions, we use 4 words" (Write WHO,WHAT,WHERE & WHEN on WB) Gesture these questions. Directions: Give "Reading Sample" HO to the sts. Have them read the text and answer 3 questions related to the material. Have the sts check their answers in pairs, and speak aloud if willing.

Listening Comprehension (15-17 minutes) • Listen to the audio sample and answer questions

Activity #1: Give the sts " Listening Questions" HO. LISTEN, PUT THE QUESTIONS IN ORDER. Explain these directions by showing them a demo on the WB.(Play audio clip track 53) Divide the sts into groups of 3 to check their answers. Have the sts volunteer to put the strips in order on the WB. Activity #2: Give the sts " "Listening and Matching" HO. MATCH THE QUESTIONS WITH THE CORRECT ANSWERS. Give them a demo on the WB. Divide the sts into groups of 3.(the same groups) (Play audio clip track 53 again). The sts should work the answers out together. Have the sts volunteer to match the strips on the WB.

Lead-In to next lesson (if time permits) (3-5 minutes) • How to ask Yes or No Questions

Explain to the sts how to change a statement to a question. This will require a demo on the WB. For example, Statement: The school is open. Move the verb (is) to the beginning of the the sentence to change it to a yes or no question. IS THE SCHOOL OPEN?Have the sts change some statements to questions on the WB.

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