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Common phrases(like,have,live,work,study)
starter level


In this lesson,students learn about common phrases(like,have,live,work,study) throughout matching activity based on the coursebook "Face2face". The lesson starts with brain storming about vocabularies for food and drink. Ss individually make a list.This is followed by a pair work of students stating what they like in their partners' list. They have an activity of finding pictures with matching phrases.Next students take reading and listen activity.Finally,Ss do individual work to choose the correct answer followed by a pair work to compare their answers.


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Main Aims

  • To present and practice common phrases with like, have, live, work and study

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give Ss practice in reading for specific information.


Warmer/Lead In (9-10 minutes) • To review vocabulary of food and introduce "I like"

I will write food and drink as title on the board.Then, I will write numbers 1-10 underneath them.I will give 2 examples such as orange and apple for and coffee and milk for drink.Next I will ask the students to write food and drinks as many as they can.Then I will ask them to work in pairs and find out what they like in their partners' list.Then I will write "I like_____" on the board and demonstrate how to fill in the blank to show them how to say what they like. Then ask them to talk in pairs about it.

Matching activity (7-8 minutes) • To introduce students some common phrases like "like,live,study,work,have".

I will show them flashcards of target language by pronouncing and want them to guess.Next,I will give them matching activity of pictures and words.Then I will ask them to check in pairs.After that I will give them word cards to stick under the pictures.Then I will write common phrases on the board and give eaxamples of them.After that I will give them handouts to produce more with the words study,have,like,live and work.Then I will write the common phrases on board want them to give examples.After that i will give small pictures about the context and in pairs they will make sentences

Listen and practice (2-3 minutes) • To give the correct pronunciation of words

Students will listen R4.1 and repeat the phrases.

Listening and reading (8-9 minutes) • The students will listen and read a text about Ricardo

First,they listen the text then they read it silently and listen again.Then they will tell who Cecilia,Carlos and Diego are.

Post reading activity (8-9 minutes) • To ensure they understood the text

They will read the text again and choose the correct word for each.Then in pairs,they compare answers.

Fill in the blanks group activity (5-6 minutes) • To remind how the target language(have,live,work,like,study) are used.

They read the text again but this time the one with gaps to complete the common phrases in groups.Then they argue with the other groups' members.

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