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Checking Into a Hotel
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will review vocabulary about hotel check-in,work on dialogues about checking in to a hotel by filling in blanks with "do,does,is and are". They will work on their fluency by role plays.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency by giving roles to students in the context of hotel reservation.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of the vocabulary by playing matching game in the context of hotel.


Lead in (8-10 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson and rise an interest on the theme.

T greets the students, remember their names quickly. T opens a video of a hotel ad, asks students to watch and guess what is it talking about. T and SS has task feedback. Have you ever used this website? Did you find a cheap hotel? Would you use it if you need it? Then T asks students to write five questions you need to ask when you check in to a hotel in pairs. T writes them on the board and gives a task feedback. Please write 5 questions you need to ask when you check in a hotel? ICQs: Are you going to write 3 questions? No

Vocabulary Review Game (5-6 minutes) • To prepare students for the upcoming speaking activities

T and SS will play a vocabulary game about hotel. T will hold pictures in her hands related to the the context,like;(Registration,hotel,check-in,restaurant,vacuuming, vacation, maid, and bellboy.) SS will have the vocabulary written with them. When the teacher will show the picture, the first student who brings the most words wins the game. Now we will play a game, you will each have vocabulary about hotel. When I show you the picture you will find the word and bring it to me. The student who brings the most words wins the game. ICQs: Are you in a group? yes Will you just show or bring the word to me? bring the word to you

Preparation for the Speaking activity (8-10 minutes) • To prepare students for the speaking exercise.

T gives a dialogue about checking into a hotel questions. T asks SS them to fill in the blanks with "do,does,is,are." individually. Then SS do a pair check Whole class check. Please fill in the gaps with "do, does, is, are" by yourself.

Fluency Practice (8-10 minutes) • For students to improve their fluency by role play about hotel check-in

T gives roles to students where on of them is the staff and the other one is the customer. The customer is a foreigner and needs a room for the night. Customer asks questions to the staff about the hotels and tries to find the best hotel for himself. SS use the given worksheet for questions when needed. In the end they fill a card the hotel they have chosen. Then SS and T have task feedback. Okay now will do a role play, one of you will be the customer and the other one the staff. The customer will ask questions to the staff will answer them. Customer will try to pick the best room. ICQs: Can both of you be customers? No Who is asking the questions? The customer Who is answering the questions? The staff or receptionist

Follow-up Activity (8-10 minutes) • For SS to practise fluency further

T ask SS what kind of complain they had before in a hotel and ask them to speak about it with their pair for two minutes. T and SS and have a task feedback. Please discuss with your pair what kind of problems you had when you stayed in a hotel. T changes the roles this time, The customer is not happy now and complaining about the hotel, The receptionist will try to calm the customer. You are the customer and you are unhappy tell your problems about the hotel, and the receptionist will try to find solutions for them. ICQs: Who is the customer? Is the customer happy or unhappy with the hotel? Unhappy Does he have complains? Yes Receptionist, will you find solutions.

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