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Family and possessive ('s)
A1 level


In this lesson Ss will quick review adjectives. They will be introduced to new vocabulary through visuals and do listening exercises related to possessive('s) in the context of 'family'. The last part will consist of Ss using new vocabulary and possessive ('s) in speech. They will ask questions about one another's family members.


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Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with the knowledge of possessive('s) in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To familiarize Ss with new vocabulary and possessive 's through listening practices, and engage them in a speaking practice related to family vocab


Lead in/Building context (10-12 minutes) • To review adjectives, generate interest in the context of family and get Ss to familiarize with new vocabulary

T will post 3 photos on the WB, taken from a Turkish TV series Ss are familiar with. The first one consists of 4 people.CCQ about the first one;'Do you remember their names?' and write their names around the photo. Ask Ss to write an adjective for each person and then ask what they wrote. Move on to introduction of family members 'What's their relationship?' and 'Are they friends?' Write their names on the board and circle two of the individuals in the photo(Havuç and Duygu). Ask 'Who is Meltem?' and say 'Havuç and Duygu's...'wait for them to answer. The second one is 'Who is Haluk?' 'Havuç and Duygu's...'(follow the same process)'. Write 'mother' and 'father' under their names.mother+father=parents. Circle Havuç and ask question'Who is Havuç?' and say 'Meltem and Haluk's...' waiting for them to answer. Follow the same process for Duygu. daughter+son=children. CCQ: 'Who is Havuç's mother?', 'Who is Havuç's father?', 'Who is Haluk and Meltem's son?' and 'Who is Haluk and Meltem's daughter?'. Move on to the second photo. Start with 'Are they married?'. Who is Meltem?' and 'Who is Haluk?'. Write wife and husband. Third photo introduces the concepts of brother and sister in a similar way. Ask WC 'Do you have a brother?/Do you have a sister?'.

Listening task (8-10 minutes) • To practice listening for throughly understanding the vocabulary of family members

T will stick a new photo of the Cooper family (Face2face Starters SB, p. 24) and write the family members' names on the WB. T will give instructions: 'Look at the photo. Listen to the CD and read the boxes'. ICQs: 'Will you look at number 2?','Will you write on the photo?', 'Will you read and listen?'. Give HO. Start the listening exercise. Draw the table (exc. 2a from Face2Face, p. 24) while Ss are listening to the audio.After the listening practice instruct Ss to work in pairs, look at the table and fill it with the words in bold. ICQs: 'Will you work with your partner?', and 'Will you use all of the words?'. Monitor Ss without correcting them and give those who finish early a piece of paper with one of the words written in bold to stick on the WB so that the others can check. This will be followed by listening exc. 2b(Face2face Starters SB, p. 24) in order to check pronunciation of the words in the table. Ss will listen and repeat the words.Mark stress/highlight some sounds on the words in the table and drill again.

Highlighting TL (6-8 minutes) • To highlight possessive 's in the context of family as well as ownership of objects/pets

Before moving on to exc. 3, T will stick four pictures(the third photo will have two people) to the upper part of WB and four other to the lower part. Give names to the photos. Draw an arrow from the upper photo to the one in the bottom. ''Nick is...''. Write model sentences: 'Nick is Fiona's husband', 'Kevin is Anne's brother' and 'Anne and Kevin are Nick and Fiona's children'. Focus on the relationship; husband-wife, brother-sister, parents-children.

Clarify TL (8-10 minutes) • To cover meaning form and pronounciation of possessive 's

As T started to cover the use and meaning of the possessive 's, T will move on to form. Underline/mark 's in each model sentence. Write 'Name/noun + 's'. Give Ss HOs that explain the difference between 's and is. Write a wrong use of the possessive 's: 'Nick is Fiona is husband (wrong, 's is not equal to 'to be'). Give instructions about exc. 3(Face2face Starter Student's Book, p.24). Read the boxes in the Cooper family's photo, circle the correct word. Work in pairs. ICQ; 'Will you read the boxes?'and (on HO) 'Will you circle the good one?'. Give HO. After the exercise tell Ss to listen to the CD and check. Play CD1.58. Cover pronunciation by using fingers; Nick is(Nick's)(1) Fiona's(3) husband(4).Drill each sentence. Move on to exc. 6 from Face2face Starter SB p. 25. Remind Ss of the arrow as the signifier of the relationship, do an example and ICQ; 'Will you do it with your partner?' and 'Will you write the sentences on HO?'. Give HO. Monitor and give Ss answer keys.

Language practice (10-12 minutes) • To provide semi-controlled oral practice concerning possessive 's and family vocab

The last activity will revolve around two different families in Turkish TV series.Draw a family tree on WB. Before giving HO to students T will instruct Ss. 'Look at the photos and ask questions to your partner to fill the family tree' and 'Do number 1'. T makes a demo with a S, ask questions like 'Is Selin Aslı's sister?', 'Is Gaffur Volkan's father?' and act as if she is filling the table. Wait for Ss to discuss and fill the table. Then ask them to do the second exercise on the paper. After the second exercise ask one student from each group to introduce the family.

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