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TP 2
B2 level


In this lesson students learn about registers; different structures used for speaking in different situations. They're going to do some exercises on the subject and interact in order to have control over the subject.


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Main Aims

  • To familiarize students with, and practice, the different structures used for speaking in different registers in different situational contexts.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Developing student's appropriacy, fluency and accuracy in speaking skills in different functional social contexts.


Greeting and Presentation (5-8 minutes) • To set lesson context

I am going to bring up some examples of register, and make them take part in the conversation.

Exercise 1 (10-12 minutes) • To practice the topic

The students are going to be in 2 groups. Teacher gives them the answer choices written on the color papers. They're gonna have to discuss with each other, and then paste the correct answer on the board.

Exercise 2 (6-9 minutes) • Checking the correct answers

The students are going to lesson to the tape part by part, to check if they have answered the questions correctly or not.

Exercise 3 (5-7 minutes) • To practice their speaking skills on the topic

They are going to be in groups of 3, and they are going to discuss the subject, and then present their results to the class.

Exercise 4 (5-7 minutes) • Achieving full control over the subject

The students are going to be in pairs, choosing one of the given situations, and act out a conversation using the topic language.

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