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Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students learn If Conditionals - Type 2. They already know Type Zero and Type 1. The teacher teaches the grammar structure by Storytelling.


Abc Powerpoint Presentation (pictures)
Abc Gap fill handout

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of Second Conditionals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Group Work in the context of Time Travel
  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about Love


Warm-up/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students by asking questions

The teacher greets the students and ask them how they are. After that, she asks questions about their dreams. ''Have you ever wanted to be rich? Have you ever wanted to do magic? Why?'' And she gets answers ''Yes, I have because if have lots of money, I can buy a car. If I do magic, I can impress people.'' While they answer, the teacher encourages them by saying ''Well done! Thank you!'' After getting the answers, she says ''I'm going to act out a little story, so sit back and listen to me carefully. And she starts telling the story.

Exposure (7-9 minutes) • To provide context for the target grammar structure through Storytelling

Teacher starts telling the story by using her body language and mimics so that she can get their attention. She tells the story and uses the pattern ''If I were rich, I would.....'' ''If I had enough money, I would travel the world.'' etc. She uses real family pictures while acting out and also a Powerpoint Presentation which includes pictures according to the order of the events. She may also wear old clothes to make it more real. She finishes the story and goes on with Concept Checking Questions.

Concept Checking/ Checking Understanding (2-4 minutes) • To elicitate the meaning and form of the new structure through some questions.

After dramatising the story, the teacher asks questions to make the students elicitate the meaning. ''Is he rich?'' No. ''Is it real or imaginary?'' Imaginary. ''Is it in the present or past?'' Present ''Has he travelled the world?'' No. The teacher should guide the students instead of giving which means the teaching should be inductive; giving meaningful context (which doesn't necessarily have to be from the coursebook) and guiding the students into guessing meaning, function and rules of usage. After the questions, the Sts starts to get the meaning and form.

Clarification (7-8 minutes) • To clarify the meaning and form of the new grammar pattern

After elicitating the meaning and form, the teacher writes some examples on the white board. (I would buy a car if I had money. If I were rich, I would donate some money.) And some more examples like; ''If I were a girl, .........'', ''I would .........'' and she wants them to complete the sentences by using the form. She also gives example 'If I were you..... '' and tells them that they can use it when they give a suggestion or advice. She helps them make the sentences if needed as it's their first time with 2nd Conditional. She also encourages them so that they are not afraid to make mistakes.

Gap Fill Activity (7-8 minutes) • To practice the grammer pattern

The teacher gives handouts to students. Then, she gives the instructions. ''Fill in the blanks...... ''. After that, she checks the intructions in case some students have missed what they are going to do. She gives them 3-4 minutes. And waits silently. She sometimes walks in the classroom to be able to answer the questions. Students can work in pairs to check the answers (peer correction) after they have finished They check the answers together with the teacher. If they have made mistakes, the teacher guides them to find the right answer.

Listening Activity (7-8 minutes) • To improve their listening skills and practice Second Conditional

The teacher gives handouts again. First, the students will be asked to look at the word in the box carefully and then listen to the song and fill in the blanks as they hear. It's an enjoyable activity, students usually love it. They are able to practice the form again with the help ofthe song.

Post Activity (7-9 minutes) • To make the students be able to produce

The teacher divides the students into groups. To introduce the topic of the task, she asks some questions like 'Would you like to travel in time? Do you think it's possible? Would you travel in time if it was possible? Would you change something if you travelled? ''etc. She says ''If you travelled in time, where and which time period would you travel and what would you do? '' Then, she wants them to work as a group and come wtih the ideas and then want each group to present their ideas. While they're working, the teacher opens a soft music and the teacher walks around the classroom silently. Then, the teacher nominates someone from each group so that they should all be ready to present. The teacher may encourage the groups to find the best idea to make the students competitive. Finally, each group presents their ideas and the teacher thanks to all of them. Then, the teacher gives homework.

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