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Describing Future Events
Upper- Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn about the future progressive and future perfect through guided discovery based on a listening recording about making a living. The lesson starts by a discussion about a picture of two people talking looking for change. This is followed by a a listening activity. After that, students do sentence correction exercise about the listening. Then, students practice the future progressive and future perfect through controlled practice activities.


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Main Aims

  • The main aim of the lesson is to practice listening for specific information about meeting up in the context of making a living.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of future progressive and future perfect in the context of Making a living


Warmer/Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- Post a picture on the whiteboard -Ask students what they think about the employee in the picture Is she happy with his job? If not, should she look for a change? What's she planning to do next? - Elicit answers from sts and prepare them for the pre-listening task

Pre-Listening Stage (5-6 minutes) • Giving Sts aim in order to focus sts attention and prepare them for the listening task

-Chest the material and give students instruction to predict "What the listening is going to be about?" "What are the two men in the picture doing?" - Ask sts to work in pairs and discuss the probable info in the listening - Ask ICQs and get fb - Tell sts about the the two men in the conversation , Rob and Mike and the place they are going to meet to create a setting: time and place(Southampton, England) - Ask sts to read Qs 1-4 and prepare them to listen and get the answers from the recording.

While-Listening Stage (5-7 minutes) • To provide listening practice for details

- Ask sts to listen and answer the questions 1-4 ex.1-a Ask ICQs + Get fb Which questions are you going to answer ? When are they going to meet up ? - Play the recording - Sts listen and answer the questions - Ask sts to check their answers in pairs and check answers with the class - Ask sts to read sentences 1-6, ex.1-b - Give them instructions " You're going to listen again and and correct one word in each sentence. ICQs "What are you going to do with the sentences?" "How many words should you correct in each sentence?" = Play the recording again =Sts check answers with the class

Post-Listening Stage (14-16 minutes) • to elicit/ notice target language and establish meaning and practice the future progressive and future perfect tenses

Meaning: - ask students to look at sentences 1- and 2 ex. 2-b and answer the questions a-b ex. 3-a . Check in pairs - Write sentence no. 2 on the WB. "I will be interviewing people for our graduate trainee program at 10 tomorrow morning." Ask CCQs: "What does he plan to do? (interviewing people)" "Will he start interviewing before 10.30? YES " "Will he finish after 10.30 . No" - Ask sts to work in pairs and ask each other to talk about - "What they will be doing at 11.30 Monday. "We will be studying English at 11.30." - Draw a time line for the WB. Elicit from sts where to place "'ll be interviewing" explaining the meaning of the -future progressive. -Drill "I'll be ...." with sts chorally, then individually -Ask sts to move to ex. 3-c "He'll have finished giving the talk by three-thirty." Ask CCQs "Will he give a talk after three-thirty? (no)" "Will he finish the talk at three-thirty? (no)" "what time will he finish the talk? before three-thirty" - Draw a timeline to show the perfect action in the future and explain the sentence for sts based on the timeline. - - --Explain the meaning of the tense Drill "I'll have ...." with sts chorally, then individually Ask sts when will they finish their session on Monday? We will have finished our lesson by 1.30

The Photoshoot Activity (5-8 minutes) • to practice the future perfect and the future tense and present the form

-Pre-Teach "Photoshoot" - Put sts in pairs A and B - give them instructions how to arrange a photoshoot - Student A will take a role of a photographer. Student B will be a manager for a famous singer. Students look at their schedule/diaries and ask student Bs "managers" to arrange a photoshoot. - Chest the handouts, ask ICQS to check if they understand their roles and get feedback - give them time to read the infobefore calling for a photoshoot -while they are working on their own, write these prompts "I'm afraid I'll/she'll be .... ing by then. I'll/she'll have (finished/gone/left/ by 10/9/1/8/2 O'clock.... sts use them -ask sts to work in pairs and role-play the situation -sts phone each other and look for a time for the photoshoot. - ask sts what time they have arranged the photoshoot for? (3 to 4.30 afternoon) - Once they finish the conversation, ask sts about the form of both tenses. - Elicit and write them on board Future Progressive: will + be + v-ing Future perfect: will +have+ v3 - Ask sts for more examples using those tenses.

Extra Grammar Activity (4-5 minutes) • To check students' understanding of the tenses

Chest the handouts tell them to read the daily routine for Colin ask sts to read the sentences and find the correct one. Tell them that there is at least one sentence true for each picture. Sts check their answers with peers and share them with the whole class.

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