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Describe Past Event
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson reading is the main aim. The reading is about describing past event and telling a story. To introduce the story, the class establishes who the main character is by showing a picture. Later, there is pre-reading about the main character followed by feedback. Prediction task and pre-teach vocabulary take part before the main reading. The reading is about taxi driver experience published online that is followed by group work and feedback. There is a vocabulary based task focused on conjunctions and prepositions of time. At the end there is a speaking activity about the good and bad points of being taxi driver, free practice.


Abc Rush hour, taxi, taxi driver, wallet, tip, joke,
Abc Melissa Plaut image
Abc Ex. 1a and 1b
Abc Ex. 3
Abc Ex. 2a and 2b
Abc Ex. 1 and pre-reding

Main Aims

  • Reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about past event in the context of taxi driving


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

To activate Ss' existing knowledge of the topic use an image of taxi and image of taxi driver image T-S task FB (elicit several opportunities) - WC question: what is the topic of today's session? WC FB: elicit several ideas: driving, taxi, woman. - Using Melissa's picture the teacher introduces her Put students into 2 groups. Give instructions about Ex. 1. Give the students the Introduction text and Ex. 1. Discuss the questions together. FB: Teacher mandate one person from the group to answer a question. Language note: British English: taxi, taxi driver US English: cab, cab driver

Prediction task (3-4 minutes) • To encourage students to predict about content of the text and give them a reason to read the text

Put students in pairs. Give instructions about Ex. 2a: guess the meaning of the forthcoming reading according the words given in the task. Feedback: mandate students to predict the reading. (no confirmation from teacher)

Pre-teach vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To unblock key lexis needed to help students understand the text

Several key words selected from the reading are written on the WB. Words are chosen because they are key words to understand the text and answer questions from Ex. 3 and Ex.1 - Rush hour - Wallet - Tip - Joke - During - As * The students are put in pairs and they discuss these words. Eliciting meaning Write vocabulary meaning on the WB and show appropriate image Feedback: WC word drilling

Reading for gist (10-11 minutes) • For learners to get an overview of the text - skimming

Students are put in pairs They read the text from Ex. 2b. Students are monitored and helped about unknown words

Post-reading (10-11 minutes) • To allow an opportunity to react to the text

Give Ex. 3. In same pairs students answer ex. 3. FB: A student from each pair is mandated to answer one question.

Post-Reading (5-6 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

Put students in pairs. Give Ex. 1 fill the gap according the reading. FB: mandate students to read

Post-reading - Speaking task (5-6 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to personalize the topic

Put students in pairs. Ex. 4 instructions: bad and good points about being a taxi driver. They talk together.

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