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like love hate
Elementary level


In this lesson sts will learn how to use like love hate in the context of work place.They will practice it through speaking,listening and controlled exercises.


Abc self made worksheets
Abc question cards

Main Aims

  • To provide practice with love-like-hate in the context of work place

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice the form –ing and drilling it


LEAD IN (7-10 minutes) • Pre teaching vocabulary

T shows the sts some pictures to teach the words “queue,lunch break,tidy,untidy,boss,colleagues”. T goes over the pictures one more time to elicit the words from the sts. Then,T gives them a restricted practice;a matching exercise. The sts work in pairs and check the answers w different groups.

LISTENING (7-10 minutes) • Sts listen to two people talking about their likes and dislikes

Following that,T tells the sts that they are going to listen to two people, Enrica and Sergei.T explains what the listening text is about and gives them a controlled task.First,they listen to Enrica and complete the task. They check the answers in different groups and if needed,with the whole class. Then T gives them another task for the next listening about Sergei . Then they listen to Sergei and check the answers.

GRAMMAR (10-15 minutes) • T explains the –ing form and drill it through speaking and exercise

Following that, T writes a sentence on the board showing the structure of –ing for like-love-hate. Then T writes a simple fill-in-the gaps exercise on the board and asks the sts to line up. The sts writes the answers on the board one student after another. Then T checks the answers with the whole class. Then T asks a question from the board to a student and gets that student to ask another student. Following that,sts are given a restricted practice,fill in the gaps exercise. They work in pairs. While the sts work,T puts four answer keys away from each other on the wall.Then they check the answers there.

SPEAKING (8-10 minutes) • SPEAKING Sts have conversations

After that,T sets up the sts for a speaking activity. First, T models a dialogue with a student then gives the sts question cards. They stand up,find someone and ask their questions as it is modelled. If finishes early,sts will be given another task to work on. They will be asked to write down 2 things they like doing and 2 things they hate doing.

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