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Teaching Practice 1
Elementary level


The lesson starts with some vocabulary, but the main aim is reading. It is focused on the context of life events, celebrations and blogs. The students will learn new vocabulary related to these topics, observe descriptions about how these three events are marked in the UK and then answer true or false questions based on the blog texts.


Abc Straightforward Elementary Coursebook, p62

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with practice in reading for gist, specific information and detail in the context of celebrations

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review/clarify lexis to talk about life events and celebrations To provide Ss with practice in speaking for fluency.


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • Getting the Ss interested in the topic

Introduce myself to the Ss. Tell the Ss I will be playing a song, and they can follow the lyrics on the screen. Play the song "Congratulations" by Cliff Richard. Ss work in pairs to discuss what the song is about? FB: Nominate one or two pairs for their thoughts Write on the board congratulations. Nominate one s to pronounce the word, with the syllables, finger highlight the five. Ask Ss, does congratulations have a happy or sad connotation?

Pre-Reading (9-25 minutes) • Familiaries them with lexis

I will put pictures up on the walls of different moments in our lives where people would use congratulations. Ss in pairs/small groups walk around & write down what is happening in each picture, what event is being represented? Whole group feedback. Students can ask me questions about my country's Royal Family. Students complete Vocabulary & Speaking ex 1-2.

While-reading 1 • Reading for gist

Set the context for the reading – check Ss know what a blog is. CCQ's: Is it a diary? Yes. is it online? Yes. Is it private or public? Public. Ss read the texts quickly to match a life event from the previous stage with a blog (Reading ex 1). Peer-check before taking Whole-class feedback

While-reading 2 • Reading for Detail

Exercise 2 – Ss need to focus on the sentences and read the texts to match the sentence with the text and place it in the correct gap. Whole Class Feedback

While-reading 3 • Reading for Specific Information

Exercise 3 to be completed, which gives the students true or false questions based on the three blogs. Ss work in pairs. I will nominate the answers from six pairs in whole class feedback.

Post-reading 3 • Speaking personalised

Ask students in whole class feedback which event from the three blogs they would like to attend.

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