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Philip's Lesson: Reading and vocabulary.
Intermediate level


In this lesson students develop their speaking skills and vocabulary through reading a text in the context of BBC programme series "The people watchers"There is a first and second reading for gist and detailed information respectively. Before the reading students predict what people watchers do and its noted down by ss on the white board. Students then work in pairs to discuss their points. Then ss do the first reading and compare their ideas with the first predictions.Students then get to a pair up activity to discuss questions from the text. This is followed by a practice on vocabulary from the text before the lesson finishes with a speaking activity of explaining their notes.


Abc Reading text
Abc vocab activity
Abc speaking activity questions
Abc A handout with discussion points.

Main Aims

  • To provide students with an opportunity to practice accuracy/fluency based on a text in the context of people watchers.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with opportunity to review vocabulary through a text in the context of people watchers


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

-T project ppt with images on people watchers. -The last image is meant to elicit the word "watch" -Students are then shown the last slide and told to pair up and predict what peoples watchers mean.

Reading for gist (5-8 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading.

-T instructs the ss about the text. -Ss receive a reading text hand out. -Ss read and compare their ideas on the WB with what trully appears in the text. -Ss still continue with pair work to finish another task. -T gives ss handouts for the second task.

Reading for detailed information (2) (5-10 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

-T gives example of fill gap exercise. -Ss told to provide the solution. -After the example T gives the instruction for the task. -Ss receive the task -Ss give the answers to the questions. -All discuss the answers.

Vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive

-T gives example of vocab use -Ss are handed the task -Ss perform the task

Feedback and Error Correction (3-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

-T ask for any questions -All participate on the FB session. -Any unclear ares is clarified.

post-reading (0-7 minutes) • To enable students to practice the language

-T projects the task -In pairs ss discuss using their notes.

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