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Beginner level


In this lesson, SS are practicing saying sentences about different parts of their body. SS play a game naming their body parts with their T. At the same time they make a booklet and play a game with their partners. Also SS listen and follow up while they are finishing up their exercise.


Abc Blu tack
Abc CD
Abc Flash cards
Abc Sciccors
Abc White board
Abc Stapler
Abc Hand out
Abc Hand out
Abc Hand out
Abc Hand outs
Abc Sentence strips
Abc Story
Abc Coloured pencils
Abc Pinocchio puppet

Main Aims

  • Practice saying sentences about different parts of the body.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening for specific information while playing "This is my ...../These are my ....." game and naming and pointing to different parts of the body.


Warmer-lead in (2-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage SS

Greet the SS Sing the hello song and how they are doing?

Productive Skills (5-10 minutes) • Speaking/Listening

Hold up the finger puppets and stick the character flashcards on the board. Put the story page (A3) on the WB. Ask; Can you remember who's in the story with Pip, Squeak,Alex and Katie? (Pinocchio) T says, Alex, Katie, Pip and Squeak look for ... Pinocchio. Katie is ...tired. Alex is .... hungry. Katie hears .... a noise. The children see ..... Pinocchio. Pinocchio is .... sad. The man gives Pinocchio his..... nose, arms and legs and treasure clue. Pinocchio is ... happy. Pinocchio gives Alex, Katie, Pip and Squeak the next ... treasure clue. Mime and use TPR while going through the story Give out the story page to SS Play the CD (CD 1, track 59) SS listen and follow the story in their paper.

Language practice (5-10 minutes) • Repeat the already learned vocabulary through game

Demo the game This is my nose and point to your nose. Demo that SS should repeat the sentence and action. This is your nose and point to your arm. Demo that SS should fold their arms and stay silent. Play the game by saying true or false sentences using This is my ...../ These are my ...... and naming and pointing to different parts of the body. The SS listen and repeat the sentences and actions if they are true, and fold their arms and stay silent if they are not. The class scores a point every time they respond correctly, and you score if they respond wrong. Keep a record on the WB. Go slowly first and then speed up.

Semi controlled practice (7-10 minutes) • Reading and repeating vocabulary while playing a game

Tell SS that you are going to make the "My Little Body" book and play the game. Show them your already made small book. Demo how you would make the book. After SS cut, fold and staple the book, go through it page by page. Read the text while SS follow. SS colour the body part named in the text and indicated by an arrow on each page. SS work individually and colour their little book.

Controlled practice (5-8 minutes) • To provide controlled practice and to ensure SS engagement by playing a game

Ask two SS to read the first exchange and two other SS to read the second exchange. Demo the game with one S Open your little book randomly at any page and get the S to simultaneously do the same. Read the sentence on the page you have opened. If the S has opened their book at the same page, they say YES! and repeat the sentence. If they have opened their book at a different page, they say NO! and read the sentence they have got. Divide the class into pairs. Practice.

Controlled practice (5-8 minutes) • To provide further controlled practice by listening to given instructions.

Tell SS to look at the pictures of Alex and Katie Listen to what Alex and Katie say and circle the correct pictures. Give out the WS Play the CD (CD 1, track 61) SS listen and circle the correct answer. If time allows check the answers by getting SS to name the parts of the body they have circled. (otherwise go round and check the answer) Listen again and pause each time, give SS chance to repeat the sentences. Read the sentences and SS say the missing words according to the pictures. SS work individually and complete the sentences. Check the answers by asking individual SS to read the sentences.

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