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TP 4


In this plan students will listen some requests of can and practise them within sentences and with some functional vocabulary


Abc New Headway4th Edition (Beginner), Student Book (2013) Soars&Soars. Oxford University Press

Main Aims

  • Listening for general idea and gist

Subsidiary Aims

  • Asking for something using 'Can I'


Pre Teaching vocabulary (10-15 minutes) • Teaching for understanding the task better

- T asks where these places are and what the pictures are. - T presents vocabulary for each picture and students repeat - T asks questions about pictures Question = What do you do in a Chemist? **********IF Ss can't answer T and demonstrates one example Example is : I buy pills from the chemist. - T groups students A and B and makes A sit to right and B left Questions are: What do you do in a ______? What do you buy from a ______? T ( Show the gesture techniqe and group them into 2) Ss in groups they will talk to the person next to him or her. - T chests the HO and asks students to match the activities alone. ICQ: * Are you doing alone or with your friend? (Mimic) * Are you looking? (Yes or No) Ss will say no -T gives the HO give them 3 mins to do the activity -T tells them to check with their partners and 2 minutes -T receives feedback from WC on pronunciation and elicit from students.

Listening for gist (10-13 minutes) • The aim of this is for students to get the general idea of what they are doing to understand it

T asks students to listen to the audio take notes and tell the T where they are in each listening. ICQ: Are you going to listen or speak ? S : listen T: Alone or together? ( no looking) S: Alone T writes to the board 1- 5

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