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relative clause (defining & non defining )
intermediate :6 students level


By the end of this lesson the learners will be better able to give important and essential information about a person, place or thing. And also giving extra and non-essential information about someone / something.


Main Aims

  • To provide listening to a contest on radio program. with a partner, try to write down the eight heroes and icons. and give a short summary of the listening.each student should give a summary from the contest.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan the reading and give a quick and short summary of the reading to find out that what students understood from reading.


greeting (2-3 minutes) • building up a rapport

1.Set the scene (the table position, the audio CD, the markers and clean the board ) 2 .Greet the class and ask how students feel. 3.check the student's name that they are attend regularly.

listening (5-7 minutes) • scan listening

a.listen to a conversation .the interviewer explain about heroes and icons. And give eight clues for eight heroes and icons .guess them who are they. I C Q S: 1.how many heroes and icons do we have? Eight 2.how many clues do we have? Eight 3 .how many times can we ask the clue? Twice 4 . What is the interviewer doing during the explanation ? Giving clues.

study (4-6 minutes) • scan reading

In pairs, look at the photos 1-5 and match them with the names below there is one extra name . Do you what they are famous for. ? Wang M AA T HI A ( ) Bernard Kouchner ( ) Bono ( ) Queen Rana of Jordan ( ) Thierry Henry ( ) I C Q . 1. Do you know them?no 2. Are they famous? Yes 3 . how many photo do we have? Four. 4 . How many names do we have? Five

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