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TP 1- Inci stief
A1- Beginners level


By the end of this lesson, students will be able to communicate using the taught functional language in similar situations.


Abc Headway Student's book

Main Aims

  • To provide functional language to be used in everyday situations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking the presented functional language in similar situations.


Lead in (5 minutes) • to create interest and set the context

- Link with the previous lesson by showing a picture of a character mentioned. Elicit what they remember about her. Ask Ss what is her job? Where does she work? She is a shop assistant and she works in a cafe or coffee shop. Drill cafe and coffee shop if needed. - Tell Ss that they are going to play a game by guessing what these places. Show an example In groups they are given a paper with pictures on it and they need to write their guess on the given paper. Tell them they have 1 minutes and when the time is up there will be a sign to stop. Monitor them while they are discussing and give clues if needed. - Show the pictures on the board and check the name of places together. Drill the words if needed. ( a school,a restaurant, a city, in a car, at a language school)

speaking task (5 minutes) • to get the students to try forming a mini dialogue according to a visual

- Instruct them to look at the picture carefully form a dialogue and role-play it. Demonstrate it by showing a picture then have the Ss stand up and divide them into six groups.Distribute pictures taken from the book.. Walk around to evaluate the language they use. After a minute or two ask them to swap and do it again with the new card they have.

Focus on functional language (8 minutes) • to introduce the functional language

- Stick 3 sets(6 pictures in each set) of the pictures used in the previous task on the walls. One set in the column of A-B / another set under C-D / the last set under E-F. - Divide them into 6 groups. - Give Ss gape filling folded HO.REMIND THEM NOT TO UNFOLD THE PAPER. and tell them to have a fast look. - Group A-B will get the pics for number 1,2,3 from column while group B gets the matching pictures with dialogues 4.5.6. Demonstrate and ask ICQ ( for which numbers is your group going to get the picture? from which column? - Make them check if they have chosen the right picture by allowing them to unfold the paper. - fill in the gapes. - Listen and check.

Clarification (5-6 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language.

- Role-play and use body language to clarify meaning. - A very quick note on how to read the price in pound and in Turkish lira. - Explain the word kind by miming. - Drill and focus on intonation by giving a robot example. Focus on the intonation of Excuse me.

Speaking for accuracy (4 minutes) • to have a controlled-practice / use functional language accurately.

- In pairs guide students to practice the conversations. . There will be an alarm to change partners.

Speaking for fluency (10 minutes) • to get Ss to practice the TL freely

- Show 'asking for time' picture on the board and elicit what are there people talking? demonstrate. - give them cards and ask them to few of them cards .. divide according to number of Ss and ask them to find a partner/s then role play it..invent a dialogue about the picture. - After each alarm they swap cards with another group. - change cards 3 times. - walk around taking notes of errors. - After they get back to seats have a quick error correction according to the notes taken.

Extention (10 minutes) • written practice

In the final stage -In pairs ask Ss to write the dialogue they invented for a specific picture you gave them. Go around and correct if needed. - Let them role-play it to the class. - Show pictures on board and write what they came up with next to the picture.

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