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Reading advertisement
Pre-intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about advertisements in the context of in the workbook.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of verb and nouns in the context of jobs.


Pre-teach Vocabulary (10-12 minutes) • Introduce students to the new vocabulary using MPF.

T will pre-teach vocab from the text to SS. Experience Volunteer High Standards Meaning: SS will be given a google form with 3 sentences on it using the chosen words. You need work experience. I want to volunteer. They have high standards at work. The chosen words will be underlined on the google form quiz. The google form will be multiple choice, there will be 3 different meanings of the words. T will ask SS to choose which meaning they think is correct. SS will have 2 minutes to complete the worksheet. T will be monitoring the response page to see if SS need more time and creating breakout rooms. ICQ Will you choose the meaning of the underlined words? Yes. What are you choosing? The meaning. How many minutes? 2 minutes. Once the SS have finished the worksheet they will have 2 minutes to discuss their answers in pairs. T will monitor the discussion and look through the responses to see which word they had difficulties with. ICQ How many minutes? What will you discuss? T will conduct OCFB and briefly mention the questions SS got correct and elicit responses from the SS on the sentences they have gotten wrong. CCQ If you are a volunteer do you get paid? No. Is work experience good? Yes. Will a job with high standards hire everyone? No. Form: T will show the same sentences from the worksheet. SS will be given a word bank with Noun, Verb, Noun. T will tell SS there are 2 nouns and 1 verb and ask them which word they think is a verb. (Although I know high standards would be more of a collocation I do not think the SS have learnt this yet and for the sake of simplifications both high and standard are nouns in this situation.) T will ask SS this in a group. If the SS are unable to identify the verb T will ask them Which one is an action. Once the SS gets the verb they will be able to identify the nouns. T will elicit some reasons as to why the words are nouns in this situation. Pronunciation: T will elicit pronunciation from some SS before pronouncing them. (ɪks) (ns) Ex.pe.ri.ence ɪksˈpɪərɪəns The ex is pronounced like an x. The ce at the end is pronounced with an s sound. (ɒ) (stretch) Vol.un.teer ˌvɒlənˈtɪə Pronounce the o as an ɒ. Stretch the ee at the end. Lightly pronounce the r at the end. (haɪ) . High Stand.ards haɪ ˈstændədz Do not pronounce the gh. Split standards into 2 parts and put stress on ards.

Reading for Gist (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist reading tasks.

To allow SS to grasp the main point of the ads T will instruct them through google form to Match each advertisement with a picture. The first ad will be matched to a picture of an aquarium. The second ad will be matched to a picture of a groomer. The third ad will be matched to a picture of cleaning supplies. The fourth picture will be matched to a picture of toys. SS will have 3 minutes to read the advertisements and match them to a picture. T will see if SS need a demo through ICQs. ICQ’s How many minutes? 3 minutes. What will you match the advertisements to? The pictures. Will you do the activity while reading the advertisements? Yes. T will view the responses while SS work and allocate time as needed. Once SS are finished they will be placed into breakout rooms to discuss their answers. SS will have 2 minutes. ICQ’s How many minutes? 2 min. What will you discuss? Answers. T will monitor breakout rooms and review the responses from SS. T will conduct OCFB and discuss the answers that challenged SS.

Detailed Reading (14-16 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading tasks

T will ask SS specific questions regarding the text using google form. Read the advertisements and answer the questions. SS will have to answer 4 questions: Which job requires someone who will work for no money? Which job requires someone who speaks two languages? Which job requires someone who works well with dogs? Which job requires someone with experience? T will number the advertisements so SS are able to easily and quickly choose the correct answers. T will share the screen on the google doc to show SS so they are not confused when they begin the task. SS will read the text once again and decide which of the multiple choices is correct. SS will have 4 minutes to do this task. ICQ: What do the numbers mean? The advertisements. Will the questions be about the advertisements? Yes How many minutes? T will monitor through ICQs if SS need a demo. T will view the response page to gauge the time SS need and also the answers given. SS will be placed into breakout rooms once they are finished to discuss their answers. SS will have 2 minutes. ICQs: How many minutes? 2 min What will you discuss? The answers. T will monitor the breakout rooms and also go over the answers to see where SS need help. T will conduct OCFB to help with any errors.

Follow up Task (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

T will introduce SS to the follow up task through powerpoint. SS will be asked to discuss in pairs Which of the job advertisements they would apply to in the text. And why? T will give an example. I would apply to the nanny position because I have a lot of siblings and I think I would be good at that. SS will have a chance to discuss their responses in breakout rooms. SS will have 5 minutes depending on the time that is left, T will monitor the SS discussion and send reminders to keep them on track. If SS need to read the articles they can refer to the google form. ICQs: How many minutes? 5 minutes. What will you discuss? Which job I would apply to. Where can you find the text? On google form. Once SS have returned T will conduct OCFb so SS can share their answers

Feedback/DEC (5 minutes) • To provide learners with feedback on the completion of the task and language.

Correct any sentence structures in the paragraphs. Revisit any issues during the lesson either pronunciation, gist or detailed listening clarity.

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