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TP4 - Night and Day
Beginner/False Beginner level


Reading text -what's it about Learning Grammar - Adverbs of Frequency Elicit Concept Check Drill Write - Handout/board -- fill in words Speaking - Using adverbs of frequency in a sentence with the Yes/No activity Contingency activity -- a game


Abc Laptop and Projector
Abc White Board
Abc Handout 2 - Word List
Abc Handout 1 - Text - Morning People and Night People
Abc Adverb Cards
Abc Handout 3 - Sentence Rewrite
Abc Handout 4 - Are you a morning person
Abc Handout 5 - Contingency - Is this true activity

Main Aims

  • To practice the use of adverbs of frequency through a text in the context of night and day

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice semi-controlled speaking and reading for gist and specific information


Lead in and Greetings (2-4 minutes) • Set the Context - Mornings and Evenings

Test equipment Arrange seating Student name tags Cup of coffee Powerpoint slide 1 Don't point at the screen, go around the room with a cup of coffee and point to sleepy i guy and and indicate that is me. Ask a couple of students if they are like either of the pictures

Stage 1 -- Read the text for context (3-5 minutes) • Gist Reading

Turn off the projector Hand out text Ask student do read quick to find out what the text is about Ask ICQ question Are you going to read for 1 minute? watch clock ask finished? get attention Ask the question. What's the text about? ask - what's it about Elicit the answer the answer. Morning people and night people

Stage 2 - Elicit, Concept and Drill (8-10 minutes) • Elicit, Concept Check, Drill

Draw a picture of a calender week on the board. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - in squares Elicit all words with simple questions and gestures. Every day I get up early - checking all days. - always Check 5 days - On these days I stay up late -- often/usually Check 3 days - On these days I eat breakfast -- sometimes Check 1 days - on this day i go out at night - hardly ever Check nothing - I never stay up all night.. Go to slide 2 -- for drilling of the words Have random students put cards on white board Have class say each word point out word stress Pass out handout. Ask the students to write the words on their handout Ask ICQ questions Move cards to side of board Go to slide 3 Ask randomly selected students around the room the various questions and have them answer me and then have them ask each other Go to slide 4 Ask the class to answer the questions Demonstrate the grammar on the first sentence -- Subject, verb, object adverb Ask the class to name the parts of the sentence for then next sentence

Stage 3 - Pairs writing activity (8-10 minutes) • To write sentences using the adverbs just learned

Turn off projector Pair students Demonstrate the activity by writing a sentence on the board. He watches movies at night. (always) Write the sentence using the adverb Mornings are busy. (sometimes) Pass out handout to pairs. Ask them to rewrite the sentences using the adverb. Ask ICQ questions. Give the pairs 5 minutes Turn on projector. Correct the sentences with the class

Stage 4 - Speaking - Are you a morning person (12-15 minutes) • Semi controlled speaking

Get class attention Go to slide 6 Call a student up to the board and demo for the whole class keep the student and have another student come up and demo ask ICQ questions Pass out the hand out Have the class stand up and find someone to talk to Turn on music Mingle and listen to the students. Allow 10 minutes for the activity Get students attention Go to slide 7 Ask students if they are a morning or a night person

Contingency activity - Is this true for your partner (5-8 minutes) • Adverb Practice Game

Demo the activity - walk around class showing handout - say Keep secret (james bond) - say don't ask. Guess and demonstrate with a student - guess then ask to see if you are right pass out forms and monitor

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