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TP 4
Beginner level


Students will practice speaking in pair work and group work to create functional language. They will begin with structured dialogue and work to freer practice using the language they have learned.


Abc Food Pictures
Abc Information Gap Worksheet
Abc Diolouge Scramble Answer Sheet
Abc New Vocab cards
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Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for asking prices and availability of goods in the context of shops.


Introduction - Testing TL (3-5 minutes) • To gauge the student's prexisting knowledge about customer/clerk interactions and functional language.

Split class by A and B raise hand= "A's are shop assistants" "B's are customers" "With your partner try to buy and sell a newspaper" -pretend to hold newspaper in you hands ICQs Raise your hand if your a shop assistant. =A students Raise your hand if your a customer. =B students What are you trying to buy or sell? =newspaper Monitor for functional dialogue

Controlled Practice - Word Scramble (4-5 minutes) • To recognize the functional language of customer/clerk interaction

Students have two minutes to complete. With a partner unscramble the sentences to create a dialogue. Make clear that the different colors are two different dialogues ICQs: -How long do you have? 2minutes -Are they the same conversation? No Hand out sentences To check: Play recording. Put large sheets on the board. Practice pronouncing the sentences. Drill sentences Point out sentence stress. Highlight the changeable parts (i.e. Map of London)

Semi-Controlled Speech (9-10 minutes) • To give students practice speaking with functional language

Hold up both handouts. -Split students into new pairs. A and B -"Are these papers the same or different?" Different -Students A are customer -Students B are shop assistant -"Use these sentences to buy these items" Point to the first sentence in dialogue. "Excuse me. Do you have any batteries? (point to batteries.) -Point to other page. "Yes they're over there." -"Do not unfold" ICQs -Are the papers the same? No -Do you use these sentences to buy from your partner? Yes -Are you going to unfold them? No HO Monitor for pronunciation and understanding Once finished "Now unfold. Now A is as shop assistant and B is a customer" - gesture that they are switching Monitor

Free Practice (22-25 minutes) • To allow students to use the information they've learned with as little assistance as possible.

Split up class. Half-half if a few or if its a large class have fewer shop assistants. "This half will be shop assistants and this half will be customers." Hold up pictures. Talk to shop assistants: "You will sell these items using the dialogue from earlier" Talk to customers: "You will buy the items from the shop assistants." "Shop assistants stand up." "Move to the corners of the room with your desk." "Spread out your products." "Stay seated." ICQs Are you selling these items? Yes Are you going to stand up? No "Customers you are going to go to each shop and buy things" Model: go to a shop assistant- " Excuse me. Do you have any _____? = Thanks. How much is this ______? Thats too much! I will give you _______ Customers stand up. Go buy items. Take down the dialogue from the board. Add more vocab cards as time goes on. When they start to finish switch the customers and shop assistants.

Extra Practice (5-6 minutes) • To practice speaking the functional language in a freer scenario.

"Everyone sit down in you desk." "Pull out your phone" "In pairs, try to sell your phone to your partner." Monitor for correct usage and grammar

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