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pie chart description
advance level


In this lesson students will practice all points about writing a pie chart description and cover all necessary skills that they need to get a higher score in task 1 of IELTS.


Main Aims

  • the main purpose of this lesson is to practice the structure of pie chart and all materials such as pie chart language and grammar.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a reprt in the context of online sales in Canada


review (18-20 minutes) • review the structure and vocabulary that are used for pie chart

T-S ask SS about the structure and some vocabularies that we need to write a pie chart. S-S SS will read their homework in the class and other students will listen and take notes of necessary points. T-S check the answers and provide suitable explanation if needed.

Feed back (23-25 minutes) • check the students ability in application of those tips in a real exam.

T-S give SS some gap-fill hand outs which is about a pie chart description. S-S students work individually on description and try to fill the gaps with an accurate verb,adjective and so on. T-S check the students' answers together T-S show the correct answers on the projector and SS will find the true answers.

introduction to bar chart description. (8-10 minutes) • the purpose is to explore the structure used for bar chart description.

T-WB draw a bar chart on the board and show the to SS T-S write a topic for the given bar chart and briefly explain the proper structure for it. T-S highlight the key points on the board to SS that they need in writing a bar graph.

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