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Intermediate level


In this lesson, the learners are going to be familiar with new vocabularies, pronunciation of words, using them in their conversations and tasks. They'll know about types of reading such as skimming and scanning and besides, they will be learned about some new grammar points.


Abc Handout of the lesson
Abc Handout about grammar points of lesson
Abc some pictures

Main Aims

  • Reading. To provide an environment for learners in order to knowing how to skim and how to scan a passage and getting the gist of context by working in group and teacher mediation. Also, having interaction and using new vocabularies in their conversations are other aims.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Writing & Vocabularies. By teaching mentioned grammar points in the lesson and understanding vocabularies mean by learners, they'll able to write some sentences and do the lesson tasks according to taught grammar structures.


warm up (4-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage the students

At first I should create motivation in the class between students by establishing reports, using pictures, asking some questions about their previous background knowledge that are related to the lesson etc.

Pre-view/Exposure (7-10 minutes) • To provide the aim of lesson and explain some about topic

After warm up, I'll give them lesson handout and I'll introduce the topic (elicit) then I'll have per-teaching about vocabularies in order to developing their schema and I'll read the passage slowly once.

View (15-20 minutes) • To have interaction with each other and be able to knowing the gist of text

In this part I have 2 separate steps : In 1st step, learners will have skimming, checking answers in pairs and being volunteer by asking specific questions. In other hand, 2nd step after skimming, is about scanning and they should study the text by details such as grammar points etc.

Post-view/Productive task (8-10 minutes) • To use the new forms and words in writing

At the end, they are asked to have a sheet and according to some questions they should write their brainstorming that are related to their taught vocabularies and forms and the teacher will be as a monitor and does monitoring.In this stage the main aim is clarifying the problems.

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