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A, An, -es, y, -ies with everyday objects(Or why is it mommies and not mommys)
Beginner level


Skills as stated in the ITI teaching points are as follows. *Listening for gist Sub Skills are as follows # Practice New Vocab i.e. Common names of objects and ittems


Abc Photo of Dictionary in Candy Display
Abc Paper Bags
Abc Handout

Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about Common Objects and details about the number of objects in the context of Common things you carry around

Subsidiary Aims

  • Swing in the Schwa (touch on implicitly)
  • To provide clarification of when do we use s, ies or es when talking about plurals in the context of School or causl setting.
  • To provide clarification of common objects you carry around in the context of everyday object, items and snacks


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • Get the SS to generate interest in the lesson. Intro Context to Ss(as written on the lesson plan from ITI)

Produce a bag with the items and as your produce each item drill twice. 1st Choral drill Have Ss use phone to take a photo of each item. Then Ss will show a picture to each other from the phone to review. T will model this using a Strong studnet

Post-Reading (3-5 minutes) • To engage the Ss in talking about concert things and local objects

T will say I lost somethings. Can you help me find them? The T will show the Ss the photo of objects and ask the Ss id the objects. T will board board 1 and 2 on opposite sides of the board. T will use items from the last activity and see which group can list them. Ss will leave lists on the board for later.

Listening 1 for Gist (7-10 minutes) • Students will be able to review an practice terms.

Have SS listen to audio and practice the new words by repeating the Audio Have SS do the WB exercise where they call out the numbers and find the right item on the page. Chardes with the item words after the initial exercise but take out dictionary.

Listen for Gist (3-7 minutes) • Have SS listen for Gist

T will put on Audio with the three speakers and put the question on the WB 1. Where are they from? 2. Do they have different things in their bags? Have student check the answers Teacher Note: Do not go into nationalities that is next lesson.

Listen for Detail (7-10 minutes) • Ss

SS Will listen to Audio and use HO to mark items that are mentioned at the listening. You will play the Audio twice to give the an opportunity to self-correct. T will repeat listening twice and using list from the board will list plurals on the board. Use Quick choice quiz for game limit to three options

Post-Listening (10-12 minutes) • To activate the SS recent knowledge in context

T will elicit more items from the board T will mime a bag. T will pull out item and name them to Demo Activity. SS will repeat activity with each other as a third Ss watches. Now T will give the Ss small piece of paper and have them write item on the paper. Ss will trade papers with other to the left Ss will put papers in the bags provided Ss will take things out of the bag and the partner will say it using "A" and "An"

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