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Fifth Lesson
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, the students are going to write a description text about a place like a city or an island through reading a model description of two cities. The students are going to build their outline and categorize the vocabulary they will need through doing some vocabulary exercises. Then they will write their own description and read each other's texts for discussion.


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Main Aims

  • To write a web posting in the context of describing a city or any other place.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and clarification of vocabulary about people, events, the weather and places in the context of describing a city.
  • To provide scan reading practice using a text about describing a city.


Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • Get the students interested in the topic of cities and categorize some vocabulary.

The teacher writes the word "Istanbul" in a balloon on the board, and draws four other balloons around it. The teacher ask the students to tell everything they know about Istanbul, and categorize ideas in the four balloons under theses topics: people, weather, events and nature. The teacher tells the students that they are going to write a description of a city or a town or a village they know, and get them to decide on what place they are going write about.

Reading task (7-9 minutes) • The students scan the texts for specific information and they read a model of the description which they are going to write.

The teacher chests the handout and explain that the students are going to read the two posting in two minutes and attach the ideas mentioned to the writers who wrote about them. The teacher writes the ideas on the board in order to use them later in the checking stage. before the students start, the teacher checks if they know the two cities. After reading, the students check their answers with their partners and then the teacher checks the ideas with the whole class. The teacher asks the students which of the two cities they would like to visit and why.

Vocabulary focus (8-10 minutes) • The students review and categorize the vocabulary they will need for writing the description.

1. Exercise 3.The teacher draws a four column table on the board with the categories: places and buildings, groups of people, events and the weather and nature. The teacher asks the students to read the postings again and add words and expressions under these categories. Whenever they find an expression, they stand up, come to the board and write it down under the correct category. Check the answers with the class and elicit any possible corrections. The students decide on which words and expressions they want to use too describe their places, and they can add more. 2. exercise 4. The teacher asks the students to fold the handout in a way they don't see the postings but only exercise 4. They try to complete the adjectives, and then they go back to the postings to check their answers. They also decide on the adjectives they want to use for their own description and they can add more.

Writing (18-20 minutes) • The students make their outline for their writing and write the description.

1. The teacher asks the students to make an outline for their description by following the guidelines 1-3 in exercise 5. The teacher demonstrates by making a quick outline. The students can work in pairs or individually. 2. The teacher asks the students to write their description in 8 minutes. The students work in pairs and read their own description and the partners ask questions. The teacher monitors and takes notes of common and deadly mistakes. The teacher writes some mistakes, and elicit corrections.

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