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Lesson plan 4
Elementary level


The lesson will last approximately 45 minutes. the level of the students is elementary, however a progress can be seen in their ability in grasping the contents of the previous lessons. most of the students are attending regularly throughout the past two weeks. the students are of different ages, ranging from 20 to 65 years old. They appear now to be active and more enthusiast than before, and this helped to build rapport with them. Today, they are going to be given or introduced to a chance to practice speaking and encouraging fluency will be at the bottom of it.


Abc Handout for dialogues

Main Aims

  • To give students a chance to practice speaking (aiming at fluency) through an interesting event (birthday).

Subsidiary Aims

  • to encourage students on how and what to suggest for the specified event.


Set a context / (4-8 minutes) • To get them into the context of the event (birthday).

*T quickly reviews the previous lesson by telling them about a celebration he/she is going to have next week, and this to keep them in the context, *T elicits from them some ideas about the types of gifts they prefer to give or take. *

Speaking practice/ semi controlled (8-10 minutes) • To give them a chance to practice speaking fluently.

*T divides the class into two groups (A) and (B), *T asks the to sit and work in pairs from each group (AB), (AB). . . . , *Ss speak to each other (dialogue), using the prompt cards to ask and answer and make suggestions.

warmer/ speaking practice (5-8 minutes) • To encourage the students to speak about their preparations for their next events.

*T asks about the students about their next special day, *Ss answer and express their plan and their special celebrations.

Dialogue preparation/ speaking using TL (6-10 minutes) • To help them to speak and suggest when they get into a dialogue about certain event.

*T asks the to prepare a dialogue with a partner to decide on a present, *Ss decide on the present for someone, *T monitors the process of writing to give help, *Ss perform this dialogue in groups of 6 students, *T gets some gift ideas Ss had.

Elicit, drill and using mini dialogue (6-8 minutes) • To guide them on how to manage a mini dialogue about an event.

*T asks the students to write their names on a card, *T gathers the cards, and then draw one of them without showing the name at the same time, *T elicits mini dialogue, and drills and decides on a present to the (nominated student), and present it with the mini dialogue.

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