Sam Sam

TP 2
beginner level


The students are going to practice family words and eventually use them to talk about thier own family. I hope to be able to generate useful practice in various skills to utilize the time for their practice of the TL.


Abc reading handout
Abc simpsons family photos

Main Aims

  • to teach family words

Subsidiary Aims

  • to generate speaking and reading practice


warm up (5-7 minutes) • to elicit target vocab

I stick Simpson family photos on the board and they tell me the family words and we drill them chorally and orally

1. show reading task (1 minutes) • to show Sts the handout and check Sts understand what to do with it

I hold up handout and read the 1st part and ask the 1st question to demonstrate what the task is

Students read (6-8 minutes) • to let the Sts have time to read and answers the questions

I say now read and write answers to the questions and then I monitor a little to see how well they can answer it

checking answers (4-7 minutes) • to give the Sts a chance to do peer learning

I say now compare your answers with your partner for 2 minutes then I elicit the answers from the class

drilling words (3-5 minutes) • to generate pronunciation practice

I play CD and they repeat words

word group review (4-7 minutes) • to help Sts learn words by showing gender groups

draw stick man and stick women on board and get and elicit Sts to come and write the family words in each column

listening task (6-7 minutes) • generate listening practice on TL

I say I am going to talk about my family and I want you to answer the questions ...pointing to 3 simple questions I have written on the board ....then I check saying what will do you....will you and write .yes... I may ask them if they want me to repeat then I will direct them to compare answers with their partners then I will ask them to share with me the answers

students produce TL (7-9 minutes) • for students to be on task and enjoy it

I say in pairs As talk about your family and Bs listen and answer questions ....I monitor and help them if they need it then I gesture for each pair to ask questions from the board and give the answer they wrote .....if time then they can do the same with the person next to them

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